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Over the years we have authored and published hundreds of training exercises. These are available for free for the training community. To make browsing this expanding database easier, all exercises are divided into seven unique groups listed below. Follow to each supergroup page and browse the list of exercises for areas you are interested in.  


clusters of training exercises

Exercise Similarity Algorithm

The algorithm helps you find clusters of related training activities. It can accurately spot activities in the collection which are similar to the one you are currently viewing. These related items are shown in order of similarity at the end of each training exercise helping you find similar items easily. Categories can further help you fine tune your search.  




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Team Building

Team Building & Management Exercises

Teamwork - Leadership - Supervisory - Meeting - Group Management - Change Management

Icebreakers & Energisers


Motivation & Emotional Intelligence Exercises

Goal Setting - Productivity - EI - Self-Esteem - Happiness


Communication Exercises

Conversation - Body Language - Assertiveness - Listening - Questioning

Personal Impact

Personal Impact & Coaching Exercises

Public Speaking - Presentation Skills - Attitude - Mentoring - Appraisal


Creativity & Marketing Exercises

Design - Brainstorming - Problem Solving - Decision Making - Sales - Customer Service

Training & Learning

Training & Learning Exercises

Memory - Thinking -  Teaching - Training Techniques