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Training is a skill and just like any other skill, it requires consistent practice to master.

In the training industry, it is well-known that to master a given skill, you need to engage in deliberate practice. This is the kind of practice that requires you to have goals, engage in persistent focused practice, get out of your comfort zone, measure your performance, and receive feedback on how to improve the results.

The train the trainer coaching sessions are designed to help you with this process. Knowledge is different from skill. The best way to learn to become a great trainer is by absorbing knowledge, understanding it, creating mental representations and then applying them to everyday training situations—be it instructor-led training, online training, live virtual or any other.  

This is where a systematic coaching can significantly help you with your training expertise.


Who Is It For?

This coaching is ideal for trainers who want to advance their training career:

  • You have delivered several training courses and have some experience but have encountered issues that you like to discuss and address with a coach.
  • You are new to the training industry and maybe have gone through some train the trainer courses, but now want to have access to a coach. An expert trainer can help you advance in your training career. An expert coach can help you not to make the same mistakes as other trainers.  
  • You want to apply proven training techniques to get optimal results in your courses.
  • You like to have clear targets, work towards them with a coach and get evaluated on your progress.  
  • You want to have access to an expert trainer who can observe and evaluate your performance and give you feedback.
  • There are certain obstacles that are holding you back and you want to work with a coach to address them.
  • You want a coach to highlight your weak spots so that you can improve them. 


Complement the Coaching with Our Online Train the Trainer Course

We highly recommend you consider enrolling into our Online Train the Trainer Course presented by Dr. Ethan Honary who will also be your coach.

This way you get to learn and review critical training principles and become familiar with the terminologies and techniques we have developed over the years and taught in our train the trainer courses.

By applying these principles and techniques, you can obtain results that you can share in your coaching sessions to further improve your training skills.

You can get coaching and the online course as a bundle and save on the total price.


    When learning any skill, it is essential to have a feedback loop where you can measure your performance and work towards set goals. Learning to deliver training and teaching is no different. Coaching with help you measure your performance, set goals and find ways to improve your skillset.


    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

    What will be discussed during the coaching session?

    How many sessions do I get?

    Do I need to take a train a trainer course?

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    Get this coaching service with our Online Train the Trainer Course as a bundle and save on the total price.

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    Train The Trainer Certification

    Having completed the train the trainer coaching sessions, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Skills Converged.

    Skills Converged Certified Training Materials



    Terms & Conditions

    By enrolling in the coaching service you agree to our terms and conditions which is our coaching agreement.

    Structured Coaching

    2 One-Hour Sessions


    Performance Review

    Email Support

    Ethan Honary

    About Your Instructor

    Train the Trainer coaching is presented  to you by Dr Ethan Honary who is the founder of Skills Converged. Through his work on training materials and train the trainer courses, Ethan has helped trainers in more than 100 countries so far. He is a passionate trainer, researcher and writer who is on a mission to improve the training industry and empower the trainers worldwide.

    Find out more about Dr Ethan Honary.

    How Coaching Can Help You

    Coaching can help you with the following:


    • Principles of adult learning
    • Building expert credibility
    • Building training credibility
    • Building rapport
    • Facilitation training
    • Experiential training
    • Learning styles
    • Establish the need


    • Presentation skills
    • Body language
    • Overcoming fear and nervousness
    • Making the training memorable and interesting
    • Clear voice and expression


    • Asking questions
    • Engagement
    • Answering questions
    • Making delegate think
    • Pace
    • Avoid being boring


    • Environment setup
    • Training materials
    • Effective instructional design
    • Slide and workbook design
    • Online vs offline design
    • Exercise design

    When learning any skill, it is essential to have a feedback loop where you can measure your performance and work towards set goals. Learning to deliver training and teaching is no different. Coaching with help you to measure your performance, set goals and find ways to improve your skillset.


    How Does Coaching Work?

    This is a systematic coaching where you will be guided through the process, be given assignments and  receive feedback on your performance.


    Coaching Agreement

    Coaching is personal and therefore we offer this service on a one-to-one basis.

    Upon enrolling, you will be instructed on how the process works and review the coaching agreement.


    Performance Analysis

    Before the first coaching session, you will be assigned to provide a video of your training performance. This can be a video of any type of training such as instructor-led delivery, live virtual training, or an online training. This step is not compulsory though the performance review is included in the coaching service and helps the coach to support you better.

    You video will be evaluated by the coach through a comprehensive scoring system much like the one used in our instructor-led certified train the trainer courses.

    We will then arrange with you to have a one-hour video-chat session (Skype) at a convenient time with the coach.


    Video-Chat Session 1

    During the first session, you will discuss what you want to focus on and improve on. The goals, timeframe and how much effort you want to put into this is up to you.

    The coach will provide  feedback on any videos submitted and you get to share your experience and concerns and receive relevant support.    

    You will receive resources, assignments, and actions to follow through after the first session.

    You get email support from the coach between the calls.

    We will then schedule a second one-hour video chat with you when you had a chance to implement the actions discussed. Coaching is best done at intervals rather than back to back, so you have a chance to implement what is discussed—helping you learn by doing.


    Video-Chat Session 2

    During the second session, the coach will provide you further feedback on your performance and you can discuss your thoughts and experiences and where to go from here.

    At this point you can decide if you want to enrol in another two-part coaching session to continue with your momentum. There is no limit on the number of coaching sessions you can book. The coach can advise you on the process at the time. The extent of future coaching sessions is based on your needs and budget.