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Do you want to train people, but don’t have the course materials?

To run a course, you need resources such as a workbook, slides, trainer script, exercises, handouts, and training guidelines.

Would it not be great if you could save time and money and obtain ready-made training materials?

We offer a large collection of downloadable training materials that has everything you need to deliver a course immediately.

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At Skills Converged, our core expertise is the art of training. Above all, we care the most about training methodologies and quality training content so that any course delivered can lead to a change of behaviouracquired skills and new insights.

We have plenty of train the trainer content, courses and one of the best-selling books on train the trainer.

We are constantly engaged in research on how humans learn and we continue to share more insights in this exciting field.

Our intense focus on improving training methodologies is what differentiates us from others. 

Training Materials Designed to Save You Time and Help You Deliver Powerful Training Courses

online train the trainer course

Online Train the Trainer Course: Core Skills

Learn How to Become the Best Trainer in Your Field

Full Course Details
Book Train the TrainerBook Course Design Strategy

Train the Trainer

The Art of Training Delivery

Second Edition

Book Details

Course Design Strategy

The Art of Making People Learn

Ethan Honary

Book Details


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In-House Train the Trainer Training in UK

Instructor-Led Training Course at Your Premises

We regularly run in-house train the trainer courses in UK.

Save staff time, reduce the hassle of travel and save money.

This course is an efficient way to turn your staff into great trainers. 

Train the Trainer Course


"I am LOVING your training materials . . . very detailed and great, great illustrations by way of pictures. The attention to detail by Skills Converged is amazing. I have everything I need for a successful training session . . . from the attendance sheet, evaluation forms, to powerpoint slides, trainee workbook, facilitator workbook, and various exercises to make valid points in the training session."
"I am amazed at how wonderful and detailed the courses are - definitely a worthy investment."
"I just want to reiterate to your team how great these course materials are. I have researched many sites similar to what you offer trainers and haven't found one like your team offers. Thanks for your continued support."
"I just bought the training pack for Customer service - they are excellent material. Thank you. Essentially, I can take this and run with it. Just like that. ... Thanks again. Great artwork, Great thoughts. Great wow."
"We always monitor our training and it is a fact that since using your material my satisfaction rating has gone up by between 5% - 10%. In fact the satisfaction score for my new time management course, using your material, went from 80% to 93%. Besides the fact that quality is improved, purchasing the course off you significantly reduces the development time, allowing me to focus on adding my own personal stories and anecdotes."
“I am very pleased with this well-researched product [Presentation Skills]. I am a lecturer and I was looking for content to give training to my students to improve their presentation skills. Most of them don’t have much public speaking experience and I wanted to teach them about all aspects of presenting like slide design, delivery and content. They were all covered in the course which meant I had to do little modification. Good time saver."

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