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  1. The training material is just wonderful, complete and very professional.
  2. The empathy and know your customer behind the design of the training is great!
  3. The training is easy to conduct and easy to adjust, even if you’re not an experienced trainer.
  4. The training is accessible for different level of functions within an organization.
  5. Just move on with what you’re doing . You’re doing a great job!
"I am LOVING your training materials . . . very detailed and great, great illustrations by way of pictures. The attention to detail by Skills Converged is amazing. I have everything I need for a successful training session . . . from the attendance sheet, evaluation forms, to powerpoint slides, trainee workbook, facilitator workbook, and various exercises to make valid points in the training session."
"I just want to reiterate to your team how great these course materials are. I have researched many sites similar to what you offer trainers and haven't found one like your team offers. Thanks for your continued support."
"I just bought the training pack for Customer service - they are excellent material. Thank you. Essentially, I can take this and run with it. Just like that. ... Thanks again. Great artwork, Great thoughts. Great wow."
"Course [leadership skills] was very well prepared and fitted exceedingly well [into the available time]."
"One of the largest collections of free training materials easily accessible through categorisation - you can even design your own course. A huge collection of team building exercises, energisers, icebreakers and communication exercises are on offer, which can be used in different soft skills training courses."
"I really enjoyed teaching the course [Report Writing], and the delegates did too...The course material was perfect. The delegates gave very positive feedback in the course evaluation form. The course was relevant to their jobs, applicable, and they strongly recommended that others take this course...I liked the MI approach of the course, and the course material was up to date and the objectives were smoothly reached."
"Just to let you know that we have used your training materials to deliver emotional intelligence, decision making, influencing and team building and they were excellent, high quality materials and worth every penny."
"I managed to download all the necessary materials. They look great. You 'saved my life' for this weekend...You are very flexible to your client's needs. And very fast!"
"I have now got the materials, and must say I am impressed with the style/content, etc. very good value for money and user friendly and will be very helpful to me. Will certainly look at your materials in future when I need to get something together."
"I found the material to very well presented, I will be training this segment in October/08.  However, I have given the material to several of the other managers and they are also pleased with the material."
“I was planning to make a new course on customer services for a long time and continuously put it aside for lack of time. When I came across your site, it suddenly all clicked. I could just use your content, shape it with my own ideas and use my real-world examples I have collected over the years and quickly make a course out of it. Indeed your product saved me tons of time. The quality of your materials exceeded my expectation by a wide margin. Thanks again and will shop back when I have more time to do my next course.”
“I am very pleased with this well-researched product [Presentation Skills]. I am a lecturer and I was looking for content to give training to my students to improve their presentation skills. Most of them don’t have much public speaking experience and I wanted to teach them about all aspects of presenting like slide design, delivery and content. They were all covered in the course which meant I had to do little modification. Good time saver."
"You win by showing sample-pages of trainer's note, powerpoint as well as workbook for each training topic. I'm more confident because you let us see part of it before buying... Please add even more attractive graphs and colourful models for demonstration.  Less words.  I'm so happy to find this site."
"Continuing to add to your library of programs...and continue to provide great service in the form of workshops"
"We are using your Team Leading course materials for our line managers in our manufacturing plant in Bangalore. We were looking for content to merge with our own and your material has proved to be value for money. Thanks for the effort. Will certainly consider other courses in the future."
"I’ve purchased two training courses, Influence and Time management and I’ve been happy with both of them. The quality of both products is very high compare to their prices. Thank You"
"Just to let you know that I have been very pleased with your client management materials. The instructions for trainer were clear and easy to follow and the contents were high quality."
"The time management course we purchased from you proved very valuable to our business and we have seen increased productivity and time awareness within the team since implementing the techniques suggested in the course."
"Great training materials. Comprehensive trainer notes. Will shop again."
"Pleased with content and customer service. Package is as described. Interactive slides in Time Management where very helpful."
"You provide fantastic training materials for a great price. I love that everything is included from the ppt, to workbook, to certificates, sign-in sheets and more. I just received confirmation from a client that they wanted a training in 2 days, so you saved me by having this available!"
"The material is of First Class! I'm really very satisfied about it. I have my first presentation with your material on July 1st. Thank you very much!"
"Slide shows and workbooks I found very useful as I don't need to break my brains to do it all myself. A lot of material that is well structured.The idea of this training is brilliant. I can spend reasonable amount of money on information presented in different forms that I get immediately. I can run my own classes. I don't need to go to special courses."
"Assertiveness Skill Course is absolutely fantastic product. Easy to use and simple and clear."
"Thanks for the lovely material on Creativity and Innovation. The service was superb and I had no problems on downloading the same. Skills Converged is great support to us freelance Trainers!!!"
"We are one of your clients and have recently purchased some of your products which we found truly useful and of high quality indeed. Your training materials are simply great! Very detailed with great illustrations, elaboration and presented in a very professional manner!"
"First time of using your service and it was a first class service.The method of payment and of recieving the materials online is a great idea. This means no carrying of hard copies materials around and or losing them....you can simply print whenever the need arises."
"Nice clean content, with ample resources to support the ongoing learning journey. The response time to my question is good."
"What you are doing right: producing affordable, high-quality, customisable courseware which includes useful role-play scenarios and exercises. The materials are comprehensive, well-organised and nicely presented."
“Very detailed overall and plenty of support materials to assist in smooth organization and delivery, in particular I liked that extra reading lists are provided. The trainer manual is very easy to use. Mix between information and activity was very good. There is a very good overall sense of continuity and development through the program.

"I am working in Cambodia and we have over the years developed our own in house training programs specific to audiences here (mainly in English language). I was able to use the program I purchased to supplement an existing course and I plan to purchase more to do the same. The modular approach to the course means I can also ‘mix and match’ parts of courses depending on the needs of my clients. I also appreciated the level of detail and structure provided on the website about each course, and being able to view samples of each part of the materials. It made me a lot more confident about purchasing the program even though I had not used Skills Converged before.

The overall approach used by Skills Converged on their website (organization of information and resources, additional activities and resources etc) was very attractive and re-assured me that Skills Converged were very committed to providing customer solutions. Overall, I have been very pleased with my purchase from Skills Converged.”

"As a professional trainer and coach I`m facing many demands on delivering different topics that potential clients need. Although in our company we already have many useful materials, we have found that we can provide better services when using Skills Converged Training Packages. They are made professionally, easy to understand, equipped with useful exercises and comprehensive facilitator guidelines. Our clients are satisfied with the contents and we are getting back positive feedbacks on these trainings. As we are working in a non-English environment we need to translate the materials that also allow us to adapt them to our needs. We are happy to have found this source and we`ll use it again."
"Excellent content and matching workbooks and exercises so that the trainers do not have to do any groundwork."
"I am amazed by the quality of research, comprehensive guide of more than 10 training documents for almost every major skill and management training topic in the market. Purchasing and Downloading the courseware is a breeze. You cannot find a peer in your class of competition. My training career would have been even more outstanding had I known SkillsConverged earlier."
"The course content is excellent. Very easy to follow workbooks and very clear PowerPoint presentations. Very useful and easy to follow courses."
"I have recently commenced using your materials. This is the third course I have purchased. I find the material excellent and easily adaptable. Your copyright terms are also generous and flexible."
"I really like the bright power point slides, although the sheer quantity of the slides at times can be a little daunting! Having said that, it's not a problem as we can always cut some slides out and adapt. Your free training activities are excellent."
"The material has exceeded my expectations, the slides are clear and essential, and I found most effective tutorial." 
"The material for NLP Core Skills was fantastic!! There are so many things to cover for running an NLP course. The material from Skills Converged is just right to cover the necessary and it really saves me time to condense the NLP concept I have learned."
"I appreciated the phone assistance I was given when I was experiencing problems making a debit card payment. The training structure [for Project Management] is easy to follow and engaging for the trainer and the participant."
“Lately, I was able to inject new approaches and techniques and new information through your free training materials which I make them one of my major references, and am happy to share to you that I got a rating of 4.999 (OUTSTANDING) in Teaching Psychology and 4.569 (OUTSTANDING) in Teaching Sociology during the first semester in year 2011 (5 is the highest rating), and received very satisfactory and outstanding remarks in requested institutional / local Human Resource Development Training Services.

The evaluation process is done by semester under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in coordination with the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The evaluation is un-announced and is done by all students in the class and by colleagues vis a vis a formal scheduled class evaluation by superiors. Average is the final rating, one of the basis for productivity and quality rating for faculty. For this, let me thank again to your team and the learning company your team represents for the major contribution and privilege you have extended to me which fortunately I was one in the list of lucky users of your products.

My Professional and service success is also your success. Have great days ahead and may all of you continue to be blessed with sustained success, wealth, health and happy life in your respective career and together as a team.”

"The module is very organized. Everything needed to conduct the training is provided; slides, study notes, exercises, workbook, and miscellaneous items. its' ready made and very ideal for busy trainers. You can even just deliver the training without adding your tweaks if you are really pressed for time to prepare one. The quality is generally good. Most marketing concepts are touched [In Marketing Skills Course]."
“The Course I purchased [Problem Solving] looks a very interactive and detail-oriented one that will definitely serve our training needs. I appreciate the efforts your company has rendered in bringing out such a comprehensive and interesting training guide on the topic. I am looking forward to further purchase some more courses from you in future.”
"As a trainer [your company] gives me the ability to obtain high quality training material quickly that I can adapt to the needs if the business. The professional looking package adds to the credibility of the training being delivered and gives confidence to staff that the learning is adding value to their daily working lives. Please add new topics to the list of training materials available especially material focused on soft skills. My experience in a world being overrun by IT is that many people are losing face to face communication and engagement skills and we need to get them back." 
"I wanted to thank you for your well-crafted and very useful courses! Keep the good work up! I will continue to recommend you to my friends and students!"
"The level of information in the course [Emotional Intelligence] is very high. Slideshow is great. And the amount of information is good also. The detailed info on how to deliver the course is also good. All courses are of interest to me."
“First of all, thank you very much for your training materials. All those that I have purchased have come in extremely handy to me and allowed me to deliver great courses. Your trainer's and user guide are very well done. To prepare the courses, both complete one another quite well. The references are also very useful in order to go more in depth concerning the different topics. Be able to give "historical" references is also quite useful, showing therefore to the delegates the trainers knowledge about a subject.”
"Extremely comprehensive materials! Outstanding organization of all materials. Please add more courses. I am very impressed with what you have done."
"I like the full package that facilitates the course to be launched, starting with the pre course preparation forms for the trainer to get ready and up till the closure, that includes your evaluation form and certificate templates. I find the cycle brilliantly started and closed. A more detailed description about the course would do a great job to enforce the purchase decision, for instance the “Problem Solving” material is actually richer than it seemed before our purchase for the training purpose. Keep up your structured work, it is simply great and of competitive edge in terms of pricing, easy download, accessibility and promptness of support to your customer during the purchase experience."
  • Received course material as soon as I paid online
  • Materials are easy to download and use
  • I can modify the materials to fit the look and feel of our company
  • Very thorough in creating materials - good detail in the Leaders Guide and PowerPoint slides and learning activities
  • Your web site is easy to navigate and use
  • Your price is outstanding for all of the materials you provide
  • Providing train-the-trainer courses and training activities on your site
"What makes your material unique is your great games and the way they are incorporated in the material I would truly want to thank anyone who is involved in developing the material. I have truly learned a lot. Material is sent immediately. After sale support team are great. I have now 18 of your courses and as soon as I have more money I will purchase more for sure."
"I love your courses and service. Online service is outstanding; easy to use and fast and efficient. The course material is well planned and designed. The layout is effective and easy to prepare and facilitate. Your online service is a joy to use, no glitches, you choose the courses, pay, download and facilitate… as easy as that. We are a training provider, we will buy several more courses as and when our clients need it."
"The course content [Handling Complaints] is very rich and excellently laid out. Also the PowerPoint slides are of top quality in terms of looks and design. In addition, you have included sufficient materials for even a novice in training to be able to use effectively." 
“I have purchased but two courses from you. I am happy with the contents of which I have just used extracts in my own courses. I use yours merely for inspiration. You powerpoint slides (and images) are great. Especially with regards to body language. It is also obvious that a lot of hard work have been put into the material (especially course notes) which is simple and easy to use. Also it seems that your choice of course topics are contemporary and up to date.  Keep posting new lesson plans. I have also used a few of the suggested group exercises: Zoom and Common word exercises. They have worked really well. I would love for there to be even more exercises related to communication, listening, team work….. Your website have been a great source of inspiration helping us take our training for airline staff to new levels.” 
"The courses are very well designed. I like the structure of the materials as well as the exercises. The speaker notes and workbook are quite comprehensive. They save me a lot of time in preparing my content and I get to learn many new things from your content. I buy your materials mainly because of the exercises. Please keep adding comprehensive exercises that reinforce learning." 
"We always monitor our training and it is a fact that since using your material my satisfaction rating has gone up by between 5% - 10%. In fact the satisfaction score for my new time management course, using your material, went from 80% to 93%. Besides the fact that quality is improved, purchasing the course off you significantly reduces the development time, allowing me to focus on adding my own personal stories and anecdotes.
  • The quality of the material is of the highest standard.
  • The exercises are excellent, and enjoyed by the participants on the course.
  • This course was far more effective in improving the time management of the participants than previous courses we have run.
  • The course notes are really useful in helping us to understand what the slides are about.
"I came across your web site the other day when researching for some training material online and have to say I LOVE your site! Thank you for making several of your resources available. Not only have they been helpful, they've inspired me as a developer, trainer and facilitator."
"I am amazed at how wonderful and detailed the courses are - definitely a worthy investment."