Train the Trainer Training Courses in UK

Attend a train the trainer course in the UK to learn how to teach. Our interactive courses help you become a master trainer in any field. Courses are hands-on, full of exercises and you will receive systematic feedback on your training demonstrations.

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Train the Trainer Course: Core Skills


Learn How to Become the Best Trainer in Your Field

In-House Train the Trainer Training in UK

We regularly run in-house train the trainer courses. This is an efficient way to train staff and help them learn how to teach well. By running in-house courses you save time, as well as reducing your staff's travel costs. 

We offer a discounted FIXED PRICE.

In-House Train the Trainer Courses


Passionate About Design and Delivery

Using Research-Based and Evidence-Based Practices

To design our train the trainer courses, we have tapped into the last three decades of progress in educational psychology and andragogy, along with practical everyday training delivery experience.


Passionate About Training Design and Proud of What We Have Achieved

After extensive research and development, the result is the creation of our state-of-the-art train the trainer courses. We aim to provide one of the best train the trainer courses on the market.


Designed in Line with Feedback from the Training Community

Having been designing training materials for more than a decade, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how training methods work. The feedback from the training community, who have been using our training materials all over the world, has been immensely useful and important in the course design process.


Aiming to Help People Move Away from Lecture-Based Passive Course Delivery

We think boring and uninspiring courses that lack engagement and delivered irrespective of delegates’ needs can lead to poor training. This is in fact the main inspiration behind the existence of our company and the desire to help the training community provide better courses. We want to push this field to a whole new level.

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Delivered Anywhere in UK

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Invest in Yourself to Become a Better Trainer

Teaching is a life skill. Whatever your subject matter, even if you change it in the future, your ability to teach well is something that never goes obsolete, always remains useful and satisfying.