Download Sample Courses & Free Training Resources

Training Resources, Tools And Content

The following training resources are provided for free. You can use them to enhance your training courses, run exercises or teach a specific topic such as the one provided in the sample session.


A Fully Usable Sample Course

This sample includes everything you need to deliver a course session and cover the objective. The pack is a representative sample of what you would receive when you purchase our full-day training materials.

Use the training resources in this pack to teach delegates about a popular model used to analyse customer satisfaction and decision making when designing features of any product or service.

A comprehensive workbook and trainer script are provided, as well as several exercises that help delegates practice applying the technique to real-world scenarios.

The sample pack includes the following:

  • Slides in MS Power Point
  • Workbook in MS Word
  • Trainer script
  • Exercises
  • Handouts
  • Guidelines to running the session
  • Guidelines to using our training materials


Training Articles

  • An article with advanced tips on how to get the best from Power Point when presenting your training.
  • Guidelines on how to combine Skills Converged Training Materials with your own content and use concise writing style to get the best from them.
  • What is Accelerated Learning and how it can help you increase the efficiency of your training delivery.
  • Tips on running team building events and how to maximise their impact on participants.



A number of questionnaires. These include theory, necessary forms and instructions on how to provide the questionnaire and score the results. You can easily use these questionnaires and integrate them into your courses.

  • A questionnaire that helps people understand personalities and behaviour.
  • A questionnaire that helps people quantify their shyness in order to address self-esteem and boost personal impact


Detailed Training Exercises

  • A number of detailed exercises on a variety of topics such as team building, leadership, creativity, role playing, body language, communication skills, problem solving and emotional intelligence.


Course Evaluation Forms

  • A number of performance evaluation forms to use after your courses to survey delegates’ opinions about the content of the course and your own delivery performance.
  • A personal evaluation form that allows you to score your own performance based on a number of important training delivery parameters. Use the form to collect data to monitor yourself and to identify areas that need work.


Learning Styles Questionnaire

Guidelines on how learning styles work and how you can use them to improve your training efficiency based on the learning styles of your delegates. The part includes:

  • A guide to learning styles
  • Paper-based questionnaire
  • Spread-sheet questionnaire for easier score calculations (provided in MS Excel)