Train the Trainer Exercise: Pause and Check Feelings

Train the Trainer Exercise: Pause and Check Feelings


This is a simple activity that helps you understand how your delegates feel as well as making them reflect on their own state of mind.


State how you feel using a single word.

What You Need

  • Blanks cards


  • Give one card to each delegate.
  • At a given point during the course, or just after a specific learning point or exercise going through the following.
  • Ask delegates to think how they feel and write a single word on their cards that best describe their feelings.
  • They should not see what others write.
  • They should write their word in large letters on their cards.
  • This is a quick exercise so don’t allow too much time. Delegates should be able to write the first thing that comes to their minds. Ask them to be honest. This is not a test and they will not be judged.
  • When everyone has finished, ask them to hold out their cards for all others to see.
  • Encourage observation and discussion.


Explaining the Exercise: 1 minute

Activity: 1 minute

Group Feedback: 2 minutes


Are there similarities between the chosen words and feelings? What are the variations? What is the general mood? What is the cause of the mood?

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