Learning Exercise: Rewind the Course

Learning Exercise: Rewind the Course


This is an effective exercise to help delegates review the topics covered in the course systematically at the end of a course. It is designed to be participatory rather than competitive and the main aim is to simply refresh the delegates’ minds about what has been covered in the course, in particular the earlier content.


Sequentially go through all the significant areas covered in the course one person at a time.


  • Ask the delegates to form a circle. They can remain seated.
  • Explain that you want them to review what has been covered in the course as if they have rewinded the tape and are going through the course from the beginning.
  • Ask a volunteer to start by explaining what area was covered first in the course.
  • Each person has about 1 minute to cover their area.
  • If at any point a topic is missed, this should be flagged by other delegates. The person who was explaining should instead cover the area that was missed and the sequence continues as normal.
  • If a person could not recall much about an area, others should step in to help. The sequence would then continue as normal.
  • Continue clockwise until all delegates have participated.
  • Continue for more rounds until the entire course has been covered.


Explaining the Exercise: 2 minutes

Activity: 15 minutes

Group Feedback: 0 minutes



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