Icebreaker: What do you Like?

Icebreaker: What do you Like?


In this icebreaker, your aim is to help the delegates get to know each other more by answering a set of preselected questions. You have total control over the questions which allows you to customise the icebreaker based on your needs and your course. For example, you can bias the questions for a course on goal setting or self-esteem to get to know the delegates better and understand how they think. This can be useful later when you go through the course.


Answer the questions and share your preference, likes and dislikes around on that topic with other people in your group.

What You Need

  • A set of questions. It is best to write them in a list and print one copy for each group of three.
  • Consider the following questions as examples:
    • What do you spend most of your time on when not working?
    • Who is your favourite celebrity?
    • Who is your most favourite author of all time?
    • Who is the best looking person you have ever met?
    • What is the best movie you saw last year?
    • What is your favourite snack?
    • What is your greatest fear?
    • Where is the furthest location you have ever travelled to?
    • What is your greatest achievement in life so far?
    • What is your greatest talent?


  • You have two options:
    • Divide the delegates to groups of three.
    • Go through the exercise with all delegates as one group.
  • Distribute the sheet with the set of questions to each group. If everyone is participating as one group, you can give one copy to each.
  • Ask the groups to consider each question one at a time and answer it to other members of the group. All members must answer the question under consideration.
  • Group members can talk around the subject for about a minute before moving on to the next question.
  • Allocate 20 minutes for all groups to cover all the questions. You need about two minutes per question.


Explaining the Exercise: 2 minutes

Activity: 2 min * 10 questions = 20 minutes

Group Feedback: 0 minutes



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