The World Is a Wonderful Place

The World Is a Wonderful Place


This exercise is a good opening ice breaker that creates a good feeling in the delegates. Most delegates have busy life styles and when they come to a training session, they may be fatigued or stressed out due to their daily job. Before embarking on yet another challenge, it is a good idea to calm them and make them feel grateful about life. This exercise creates a positive and happy learning environment which increases delegates’ participation and productivity.


Get the delegates to think of three things, people or achievements in their lives that they are proud of. They should write these down on a paper. Delegates should then share one of them with the group.


  • Explain to delegates that they have one 3 minutes to think of three things that they are proud of in their lives.
  • Ask each delegate to introduce himself/herself to the group. Tell them about his/her job and share with them what is one thing that they are most proud of in life. Example: “My name is Sarah. I work as an account manager in Smith accounting firm. I am most proud of being promoted 6 month ago despite difficult personal circumstances.”


Explaining the Test: 3-5 minutes

Activity: 3-5 minutes

Group Feedback: 15 minutes


Delegates can also talk about the things they are grateful for in life, their most recent achievement in professional or personal life or their role model in life.

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