Team Building Exercise: Shared Activities

Team Building Exercise: Shared Activities


This is a fun activity which is most suitable for groups of participants who don’t know each other very well. This exercise allows for similar interests or experiences between participants to become apparent.


Participants to find out their similar interest or experiences with others.

What You Need

  • A sheet of objectives including topics such as:
    • Anyone who enjoys hiking
    • Anyone who was born on a 12th
    • Anyone who loves the colour red
    • Anyone who has been to Caribbean
    • Anyone who likes cycling
  • A flipchart with the name of participants written in a list form


  • Ask the participants to stand in a straight line next to each other
  • Explain that after reading each sentence, people who agree with the sentence should take a step forward.
  • Record the name of the people with shared answers on the flip chart
  • Participants then go back to their original line up and you will read the next sentence
  • At the end of the activity reveal which two people share most interest or experiences.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 15 minutes

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