Team Building Activities for Kids

Team Building Activities for Kids

This is a series of ice breakers, energizers, team building games and activities that are particularly useful for younger participants.

Icebreaker / Energiser: My Favourite Food

Age group: 6-10 yrs

This is a fun exercise to be used as an icebreaker or energiser with kids.

Ask kids to write down their most favourite food on a piece of paper secretly, and then fold it and put it in a container or a bowl. Each kid has to pick up one of the folded sheets, read the name of the food written on it aloud and guess whose favourite food it is. If guessed correctly, that paper is removed from the container but if not it goes back into the bowl or container. Repeat until all are found.

Team Building / Creativity Exercise: Card Blocks

Age group: 8-12 yrs

This activity encourages team work within the group and promotes creative thinking in the process.

Split the group into teams of three or four kids. Give each team a deck of cards. Each team has ten minutes to design and construct a tower of cards. The team with the highest tower wins the game.

Creativity / Teamwork Exercise: Printer

Age group: 7-10 yrs

This is a fun and engaging exercise which uses kid’s imagination and innovative skills.

Split the group into subgroups of three or four kids. Provide each team with a shoe box, sticky tape, a scissor, a marker pen and a few A4 sheets. Each team has twenty minutes to design a paper printer out of the materials provided. The best design gets a suitable prize.

Icebreaker: Special T-Shirt

Age group: 6-10 yrs

This activity is great as an icebreaker especially for a group of kids who don’t know each other as much. It is a nice introduction for each person and also makes remembering names easier for everyone.

Ask each participant to bring his or her favourite T-shirt to the group. Each kid then has to tell the group about his or her T-shirt, where it is from, how long they had it, what is special about it and so on.

Communication / Teamwork Exercise

Age group: 7-10 yrs

This fun exercise helps kids to understand the importance of effective verbal communication and promotes teamwork.

Split the group into pairs. Scatter a number of objects (shoe boxes, glasses of water, flower pots...) over the floor. Set a starting and finishing point. One person in each pair is blindfolded. The other member of the team has to guide the blindfolded person through the objects without any physical contact with them. The pair who reaches the finish line quickest and without touching any of the obstacles is the winner.




thangavel raj

By thangavel raj @ Saturday, January 24, 2009 7:24 AM

I was wondering how i would conduct classes for the kids below 10 yrs
It is very useful


By site @ Monday, July 30, 2012 2:32 PM

Thank you very much for these tips. They are indeed great activity ideas to organise for the kids!


By marie @ Friday, February 15, 2013 6:15 PM

Great ideas! I can't wait to introduce them to my class, I think it's time to play another team building game other than 'it's a knockout' which although is a good game, I've been getting them to play it for months!

corporate team building activities

By corporate team building activities @ Friday, July 12, 2013 1:34 AM

Great idea! I like it so much as by using these ideas we can make our kids more advanced. By doing this kind of activities in team the kids well know each other as well as they enjoy it very much.It is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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