Self-Esteem Exercise: Poor Generalisations

Self-Esteem Exercise: Poor Generalisations


People tend to focus on negative aspects of their personality harshly. Many exaggerate their negative traits or personal observations beyond what they really are which affects their self-esteem and self-worth negatively. This exercise helps people to look at the positive side and avoid negative and destructive generalisations.


Evaluate yourself by answering the questions provided.

What You Need

  • Blank sheets.


  • To get the best from this exercise it is best if you don’t explain what the exercise is about.
  • Distribute two blank sheets to each delegate.
  • Write the following statement on a flipchart or whiteboard:
    • “Sometimes I make the following negative statements about myself…”
  • Ask delegates to write this at the top of one of their sheets.
  • Ask them to complete it based on what they think about themselves. Reassure them that they don’t have to share what they write with others so they can be honest with themselves.
  • Allocate 3 minutes.
  • Next, write the following statement on the flipchart:
    • “Now that I think about it, I can state it more accurately without generalisation or judgment…”
  • Now ask the delegates to use the second sheet and write this at the top and then write their answers.
  • Allocate 5 minutes.
  • Follow with a discussion.


Explaining the Exercise: 2 minutes

Activity: 3 min first question + 5 min second question = 8 minutes

Group Feedback: 5 minutes


Was it easy to change your perspective? How do you feel as a result? What do you think of this exercise?

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