Externalising Internal Conflicts Exercise

Externalising Internal Conflicts Exercise


This activity helps the delegates to resolve their internal conflicts by treating them as external conflicts. Internal conflicts are those conflicts between and you and yourself. External conflicts are those between you and others. The exercises help participants to view and resolve such conflicts in a systematic way.


Participants to present two sides of a subject which can become an internal conflict and resolve it with the help of another delegate.


  • Divide the groups into pairs.
  • Ask the pairs to sit facing each other.
  • Allocate a subject which can commonly become a reason for internal conflict to each pair. Delegates are also free to choose a subject of their own. Examples of such subjects are:
    • Shall I go to work with my car or with public transport?
    • Shall I eat fast food, or light salad?
    • Shall I play computer games or read a book?
  • One person in each pair should take one side of the conflict while the other person should take an opposite side.
  • They should then proceed to voice their differences and attempt to resolve the conflict.
  • Each person has 1 minute to present his case to the other person.
  • After they have presented their cases, they have 5 minutes to discuss it further through a constructive conversation.
  • Follow with a discussion


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 7 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes.


Ask the group if discussing different sides of a conflicting subject helped them in resolving their problem? How can they use this technique when they are confronted with internal conflicts?

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