Diversity Exercise: Draw Your Opinion

Diversity Exercise: Draw Your Opinion


This is a quick and fun exercise that demonstrates diversity at a very basic level. It also encourages creativity and helps the delegates to understand a bit more about each other.


Delegates to draw an object suggested by the trainer.

What You Need

  • A sheet of A4 paper for each participants
  • Pens or pencils for delegates
  • A Flipchart or whiteboard
  • Blue tack or magnets


  • Delegates work individually in this task.
  • Ask them to sit with some space between them.
  • Distribute A4 sheets to delegates.
  • Ask the delegates to draw an object on their paper. Examples include:
    • TV
    • IPod
    • Ladies shoes
  • Allocate 3 minutes for drawings.
  • Explain to delegates that you will not be answering any questions during this time and participants should work on their own without talking with others.
  • At the end of the 3 minutes, collect the drawing and stick them on the flip chart or white board.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 5 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes.


Ask the delegates why no two drawings are identical even though the objects suggested are commonly known? Encourage a discussion based on how our values and interpretation of the world around us shape our views. Are the differences in the drawings important in shaping our opinion about others?

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