Creative Writing Exercise: Setting, Reflection, Conversation

Creative Writing Exercise: Setting, Reflection, Conversation


This is a fun exercise where delegates get to practice creative writing in groups. Some people find writing difficult especially knowing where to start. This exercise is designed to inspire delegates and help them to write creatively by thinking of associations between prewritten passages given to them.

The writing exercise is also helpful for public speaking or impromptu speech. It helps delegates to systematically create content by getting inspired from reading other content.


Write a creative story based on three passages from other groups.

What You Need

  • Several fiction books
  • A photocopier
  • Scissors


  • Divide the delegates to groups of 3.

Stage 1:

  • Make the fiction books available to use for all groups.
  • Explain to delegates that as a group they must each choose three passages from the set of books. It doesn’t matter if the passages are from the same book or different books.
  • Each group must select three different kinds of passages:
    • A passage describing a setting. Example:
      • “It was raining hard. There was no one in the streets. The yellow street light made everything look yellow or green…”
    • A passage that reflects on the mood of a character. It doesn’t matter if this is told in first person or third person. Example:
      • “I was so happy. I could not wait until the next day. I knew I could do better. I knew I could win. It felt so close. It was an amazing feeling…”
    • A conversation between two or more characters. Select a conversation that is not too long and is not extended with reflective thoughts or background descriptions. Choose a straightforward conversation between two or several characters.
  • Ask each group to use the photocopier to make copies and cut out parts that are not needed so they end up with three separate sheets.
  • Allocate 15 minutes for this part.

Stage 2:

  • Ask the group to put their corresponding passages in three piles; one for describing settings, one for reflections and one for conversations.
  • Shuffle each pile.
  • Ask each group to select one passage from each pile. They must end up with one setting, one reflection and one conversation. The selected passages must not be those that they had selected themselves in Stage 1.
  • Now, each group must use the three passages they have picked to create a story. The story should clearly relate to the passages but the groups can be as creative as they want with their stories. They can either use the passage verbatim or they can incorporate it into their stories indirectly.
  • Each group must first brainstorm a story and take brief notes as they develop it.
  • Delegates should then write it up so they can read it later to other groups. Ask groups to aim for a story which is about 2000 words long.
  • Allocate an hour for this part.

Stage 3:

  • Bring back everyone together.
  • Each group must now present their story. Ask groups to first share their three passages. They can read these out for other groups.
  • Next, a volunteer from the group must read through their story.
  • Other groups should then comment on the story and provide specific feedback.
  • Continue until all groups have presented their stories.
  • Ask groups to vote for the most creative story. Encourage a discussion on why this is the case and what they can learn from it.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes

Activity: 15 min stage 1 + 60 min stage 2 + 30 min reviews = 105 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes


What were your thoughts when you first received the first three passages? What did you think of your final story? Was it easy to write it? How did your brainstorming help you? What did you think of other groups’ stories? Which group had the most creative story and why? What design elements were most impressive?




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