Activities for Team Building

Activities for Team Building

This is a collection of free team building exercises, energisers, Icebreakers and communication exercises which can be used in different soft skills training courses. The exercises in this article have been proven to be effective in encouraging delegate’s participation in training and engaging them in interactive activities which helps understanding and retention of key concepts discussed in each training session.


This is a good energiser as an end of the session activity. It encourages recognitions and shows appreciation for team mate’s help and helps to build up better relationships between co-workers.

Place a box of separately wrapped chocolates in front of the room on a table. Ask each participant to pick up at least three chocolates, one for themselves and the other two for people in their team who worked better with them or contributed most to team’s success.

Persuasion Exercise

This exercise is useful in demonstrating different persuasion techniques.

Split the participants into pairs. Draw a line on the floor. Members of each pair have to stand on either side of the line, facing each other. Each member has 15 seconds to pursue the other person in crossing the line and joining him or her on the other side of the line.

Feedback Exercise

This exercise shows the effect of positive feedbacks on building mutual respect between co workers and encourages praise and appreciation within the work environment. This exercise is most suitable for a group of people who know each other.

Split the group into pairs. People in each pair are then asked to tell one positive characteristic of the other person in their team. Participants have to elaborate on the chosen quality, explaining their reasons for choosing it for at least one minute to the rest of the group. For example:

I think John is a true team worker. He is always ready to help others in the team. He even stays overtime to help others finish their projects. He takes responsibility when dealing with difficult situations and always consults his co-workers before making critical professional decisions.”

Creative Thinking Exercise

This activity is helpful as a creativity exercise which encourages people to think outside the box. It also highlights the importance of effective communication and presentation skills.

Split the group of delegates into two teams. Each team has 10 minutes to come up with a new law for their workplace. E.g., “No one is allowed more than one coffee break during morning”. Each team has 10 minutes to provide a presentation to the other group about the law and their reason for making it. The law has to be very clear and should take into account situations when it can be difficult to obey the new law. The other team can ask questions about the law and try to find ways to improve it. The teams switch positions and repeat the exercise.

Team Building Activity

This exercise can be used as an icebreaker when dividing the group into different subgroups that need to work together. It also encourages teamwork and gets the delegates to focus on team’s collective goal and values.

Split the group into teams of four to five people depending on the total number of delegates. Each team has 5 minutes to come up with a slogan which represents the team’s purpose or values. For example, one group may choose “Carpe Diem (Seize the day)” as their slogan. This slogan would represent the team’s goal to make the most of everyday opportunities in achieving success. Each team has to explain to the rest of the group why and how they chose that particular slogan.




Lean Education

By Lean Education @ Friday, January 14, 2011 1:18 PM

A group tries to create a unified story from a set of sequential pictures. The pictures are randomly ordered and handed out. Each person has a picture but cannot show it to others. Requires patience, communication, and trying to understand from another's point of view in order to recreate the story's sequence.

Vividh  Pawaskar

By Vividh Pawaskar @ Sunday, July 29, 2012 11:44 AM

"Most of us may be more capable than some of us but none of us is as capable as all of us."
True, Teamwork works wonders!
Kudos to your website for empowering trainers, learners and leaders...
Continue to Grow and Glow
-Vividh Pawaskar
Vice President: Trainers' Association, Goa
President: Toastmasters International Margao
Partner: Youth Empowerment Solutions [YES][]

Chelsea Elm

By Chelsea Elm @ Tuesday, July 31, 2012 10:46 AM

Thanks Vividh for your encouraging comments. Will do our best.

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