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Feedback Exercise: Share Your Thoughts

Feedback Exercise: Share Your Thoughts
Leadership, Exercises, Team Building, Communication Skills, Giving Feedback

Article Rating:::: 136 Ratings :::: Monday, March 14, 2011


The purpose of this team building activity is to encourage delegates to share their feelings about the organisation they are in. Using a systematic approach, delegates get to talk about their positive and negative thoughts so that issues are raised as well as points that make people feel proud to be part of the organisation. It is ideal for team building and also for leadership to better understand what goes on in the minds of their staff. This exercise is ideal for people who work together or are part of the same organisation.


Express your views about the organisation you are in, the nature of your work and your workplace both positively and negatively.

What You Need

  • Coloured tokens. Include 3 tokens of each of the following colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black and White.
  • Hat or a box to place the tokens in.


  • Place the hat with the coloured tokens at the centre of the table so everyone can reach it.
  • Write the following on a flipchart or place them on a slide:
    • “Share something about your everyday job, your work environment or your organisation that…”
  • Underneath this statement write the following. You can customise these statements to bias the exercise towards the direction of your choice:
    • White Token: Makes you feel extremely happy.
    • Blue Token: You wish to change to something else.
    • Red Token: You dislike and wish it never happened.
    • Black Token: Was a failure and that something could have been done to avoid it.
    • Green Token: You love the most about your work and organisation.
    • Yellow Token: You find most repetitive and boring in your current job.
  • Now ask delegates to pick up a token one at a time from the hat while their eyes are closed. After picking up the token, the person should look at his colour and then follow the corresponding statement to share his thoughts.
  • You can go through several rounds depending on the time avaible so delegates can share various thoughts.
  • Follow with a discussion.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes

Activity: 20 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes


Was there a pattern in what the delegates suggested? What can you do to improve your organisation or workplace based on the views heard today? Do you have a common view of the positive aspects of your organisation with others? If different, why? How about the negative views? Do your teammates think the same? What does this suggest?

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