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Team Building

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Audience: Anyone

Prerequisites: None

Notes: The course contains an extra 12 exercises (in addition to dozens provided as part of the main course) that you can use to either extend the course to more than one day or to optimise it based on your needs.

Course Duration: 1-Day

Course Level: Beginner Intermediate

Category: Management Training

Packed with Effective Team Building Methods and Concepts, Complemented with a Variety of Interactive Exercises

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“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others.”

Norman S. Hidle

Great products and services are made and delivered by great teams. Working in a successful and happy team is extremely satisfying. The cooperative atmosphere, the ease of achieving big results and the sense of significance of belonging to a successful team is very appealing. Working as part of such optimal teams is the dream of any individual and organisation.

This course focuses on transforming a group of people to a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly towards a common goal. Delegates are introduced to the concept of Team Roles and explore different ways of recognising and establishing their roles within the team. This knowledge enables team workers to manage their roles and responsibilities in the team and avoid gaps or overlaps in roles.

This course accommodates two needs:

  1. Your first option is to teach a series of theoretical learning points about an ideal team followed by exercises.
  2. Your second option is to get a number of people participate in a series of exercises so that they accumulate a shared experience and end up feeling more as a team.


team building course

With the content provided in this course, as explained below, you can achieve both options. The first model is ideal for members of a team who have worked with each other in the past and now want to streamline their communication and eliminate bad habits that might have developed. The second option is more ideal for a newly assembled team.

In this course delegates will learn:


Ideal Teams

  • What are the advantages of working in a team and why should you care?
  • What are the three core management responsibilities and what does this mean for team members?
  • What three elements should be addressed to avoid ending up with a dysfunctional team?


Team Life Cycle

  • How teams progress over time
  • How quickly can teams go from one stage to another towards the ideal team?
  • What are the ideal leadership styles for an ideal team?


Team Roles

  • What roles can each team member take and how does this affect the rest of the team?
  • What are the positive and negative qualities of these roles?
  • What are the examples of these roles?
  • What combinations of roles do you need to have in an ideal team?
  • Which types of people are ideal for which types of roles?


Network Effect

  • How to visualise a team’s communication channels
  • How to identify isolated, overloaded, under-loaded, critical and other types of members? What does this mean for a team
  • What are structural components of a team and how do they contribute to a team’s success?


Emotional Intelligence

  • How does IQ compare with EQ in teams
  • What is empathy?
  • How to deliver an empathic communication
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • How to praise
  • How to take advantage of non-verbal communications and body language


Team Coaching

  • How to systematically manage teams based on their maturity
  • How to encourage teams to solve problems collectively
  • How to increase a team’s efficiency using peer-to-peer and management coaching
  • What techniques lead to increase bonding, trust and professionalism in teams

A team building course is about getting people to interact with each other. As a result the course is designed to teach the theory through practice. Every concept explained in the course is followed by a relevant exercise which a trainer can use to further emphasise a key point.

The course contains more than 20 practical exercises that a trainer can choose from to tailor the course based on the delegates’ needs. Delegates will have a chance to participate in exercises on subjects such as coaching, cooperation, problem solving, trust and emotional skills. The exercises include 12 optional activities which can be used to extend the course further or to focus on specific areas based on delegates’ needs. These exercises can be used to increase the bonding between team members through shared experience or collective problem solving. All exercises are exclusive to this course and each exercise has been designed specifically in line with a concept vital to the making of a successful team.

By the end of this course, delegates will learn how to communicate with each other to get better results, how to think beyond the little details and think of the main objective, how to support each other using emotional skills and coaching skills to provide feedback and increase trust and reliability throughout the team. 

Use the Team Building course in combination with Leadership Skills and Project Management for a package on 5-day team management. 

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Exercises Included

Here is the list of exercises included in this training courseware:

  • E49: How Was Your Team
  • E50: Qualities of the Best Team
  • E51: Analyse Your Team
  • E52: Team Participation Skills
  • E53: Team Coaching Questionnaire
  • E54: Measure it on the ForceField Scale
  • E55: Belbin Team Roles
  • E56: How to Balance Your Team
  • E57: Form a Continuum
  • E16: Johari Window
  • E58: More About Us
  • E59: I Have the Best Staff
  • E60: Please Cross the Line
  • E61: High Stakes Bidding Contest
  • H16: Coaching Form
  • E69: Facial Expressions
  • E62: Build The Highest Tower
  • E63: Avoid the Lightening
  • E64: Don’t Break the Egg
  • E65: Stepping Stones on Lava
  • E66: The Ultimate Team
  • E67: Cooperative Piping
  • E68: Turn the Sheet Over
  • E1: Blindfold Communications

What Is Included

Everything you need to run the course:

  • Slides
  • Workbook
  • Exercises
  • Handouts
  • Trainer Notes
  • Specific Course Guidelines
  • Agenda
  • Guidelines on Training Methodology
  • Course Outline
  • Recommended Readings
  • Feedback Forms
  • Certificate of Achievement
team building

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify how teams progress overtime and how does this impact team members and the leaders’ leadership style
  • Evaluate a team’s balance based on Team Roles and use systematic methods to enhance the efficiency of a team’s intercommunications
  • Use empathic communication and increase your understanding of emotional skills
  • Deliver constructive feedback and praise efficiently while paying attention to both verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Discover what you know about yourself and how others think of you
  • Coach systematically to help others achieve more and become their trusted team member

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About the Design Philosophy of Team Building Course

Despite the discovery of concepts such as Team Roles and Personality Types and their importance in constructing a successful team in the past century, we still come across many teams which are put together in an ad hoc way. It is possible and indeed common to see a group of individuals working together based on their expertise and previous experiences but without any considerations for their intercommunication skills, team working abilities, personality types or work ethics.

Each individual in such so called teams often have his own objectives to achieve regardless of the collective goal of the team. The aim of this course is to introduce concepts and methods necessary for forming a successful and harmonious team in which team members enjoy their work and strive towards accomplishing a common goal.

Team building courses can be delivered in different ways and focus on a variety of concepts all significant in improving and maximising team efficiency. Some trainers focus more on core principles behind successful teams, emphasising on common goals and objectives while others insist on interpersonal relationships between team mates, communication skills and team bonding activities. This course has been designed with all the above principles and methods in mind. We have attempted to satisfy all these needs by presenting a course which touches on all core values behind successful teams while including a vast number of interactive and entertaining exercises.

Here at Skills Converged, we respect and value each trainer’s personal choice on highlighting different aspects of team building and therefore as with all the other courses on offer from Skills Converged, trainers have unlimited rights to customise, edit or modify the contents. The specific design on the course also enables trainers to use slides, hand outs and exercises in combinations with their other courses.

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