Body Language of Seduction

Body Language of Seduction

As social animals, we have a long history of using certain non-verbal signals to show interest in others or to see if others are interested in us.

Today, with our modern behaviour, this has become more sophisticated, though certain ancient signals are still there and can be used with incredible results. Seduction is not limited to attracting the opposite sex or the same sex depending on your sexual orientation. The art of seduction is about getting others attracted to you so you have more control over your relationship with them. Seduction is a power game played at all levels. A man may want to seduce a woman to take her to bed. A woman might want to seduce a rich man so she can have a comfortable financial life. A singer r may want to seduce the masses with her charm so she can sell her music. A politician may want to seduce the voters to get to the office.

Seduction is to persuade, to corrupt or “to lead astray”. Seduction can be both negative and positive. Positively, it could be about charming someone, making someone feel good about themselves or reducing their unnecessary fears. Negatively, it could be using temptation to deceive people and get them to do something that they wouldn’t normally do.

In this article, you will find a series of body language guidelines that help you use the art of seduction in a positive way to get what you want.


Draw Attention to Yourself

Non-Verbal Signal

  • Drop something and then bend down to pick it up. Examples are, a glove, a book, a watch or a napkin

How Does it Work?

People are programmed to notice movement. When you make this move, others are going to notice your movement, and are more likely to pay attention to you.


Mirror your Partner

Non-Verbal Signal

  • Mirror every move the person you are trying to seduce makes. When he crosses his legs, copy it. When he raises his hands behind his head, copy it. If he touches his face, do the same.

How Does it Work?

When you and the person you are interacting with move in synch and match each other’s body language, you imply that you think the same. The other person will pick up this non-verbal signal unconsciously and at the end of the encounter may feel that he is very comfortable with you. Generally speaking, we find people who are like us more attractive. Mirroring can be very seductive as it can be totally unconscious.


Appear Vulnerable

Non-Verbal Signal for Female

  • Show the back of your wrist
  • Tilt your neck and expose it

Non-Verbal Signal for Male and Female

  • Wear a shirt with an open collar and touch your neck or collarbone

How Does it Work?

The neck and the back of the wrist are vulnerable parts of the body. By showing these parts undefended to a person, you imply that you trust them and you are not afraid. A vulnerable body language also implies you might be willing to go one step further with other vulnerable parts of the body.


Be Visible More than Others

Non-Verbal Signal

  • Walk closely to the person that you want to seduce.
  • Aim to be within their field of view more often than others.
  • Bump into them several times so that you become a familiar face.
  • Make small talk to break the ice so you no longer feel as total strangers.

How Does it Work?

If others see you often, they are more likely to become interested in you. Familiarity leads to interest. Plan to be around a target person more often than others and in time they are bound to pay more attention to you than others.

As an example, just saying hi to a person you don’t know on different occasions will eventually make you a familiar face. It will become a lot easier to interact with them, become friendlier and take it to the next level.

Remember, you cannot be seductive if you are not noticed. The body language of a seducer always aims to attract attention.


Appear Approachable

Non-Verbal Signal

  • For Female. Tilt your head down and look up with your eyes. This is sometimes accompanied by a side tilt.

How Does it Work?

This classic gesture imitates how a child might look up to a parent. Due to height difference, a child will always look up with wide eyes. It is a gesture that suggests innocence and is commonly used by girls.

As an adult you can use a similar gesture to show submissiveness to a potential partner and indicate that you can be approached.

Body language innocent girl

Touching a Person

Non-Verbal Signal

  • Touch a person’s shoulder
  • Touch a person’s hand
  • Hold a person’s hand

How Does it Work?

If you want to seduce a person and are still getting to know them, you can start by an accidental touch. This can be a light touch on the hand when exchanging something or sitting closely together. It will serve to break the ice when it comes to touch. In particular, this can be your starting point when seducing a woman. This body language technique is particularly applicable to those from countries that are culturally more reluctant to touch.

In general, touch can be quite powerful. Research shows that waitresses who make a light touch when delivering a bill for their customers are more likely to receive a larger tip. Interestingly, the customer is totally unaware of the touch and just “feels” like tipping more when the time comes. Meanwhile, the clever waitress is cashing it in by knowing a bit more about body language.

In another study, if a cashier in a retail shop lightly touches the hand of a customer when the customer is paying for a merchandise, the customer is likely to rate the transaction and the experience more positively than if the customer was not touched. Again, this is registered on an unconscious level.


Appear Exotic

Non-Verbal Signal

  • Surprise people by the way you look
  • Appear eccentric and exotic, promising adventure
  • Look different from the ordinary and boring
  • Present yourself initially with a memorable ceremony

How Does it Work?

This technique is perhaps best described by the actions of the master of seduction. It was year 48 B.C. and Julius Caesar was in an Egyptian palace having a meeting with his military generals. A guard reported that a Greek merchant wanted to meet the Roman general to present a valuable gift. Caesar allowed the merchant to come forward. The merchant came in carrying a large rolled-up carpet. Once in front of Caesar, the merchant undid the rope which was tied around the carpet and with a quick snap of his wrist unfurled the carpet. Thus, rolled out a young beautiful half-naked lady, the young Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, who was hidden inside the carpet!

It caught everyone by surprise, including Caesar, as it was clearly obvious to what extent Cleopatra had gone to plan this move; getting smuggled into the city with the protection of only one man to pull off this stunt. The move was so seductive that Caesar was hooked and for the next 4 years, Cleopatra continued her elaborate seductive game, completely captivating him.

Like Cleopatra, plan your entrance, how you look and your overall body language to suggest that you are there to provide a memorable adventure.

Cleopatra Seducer

Cleopatra: History's Greatest Seducer


Be Symmetrical

Non-Verbal Signal

  • Use makeup to appear as symmetrical as possible. This is particularly applicable to women.
  • Wear cloth that is symmetrically pleasant.

How Does it Work?

Researchers have found a correlation between symmetry and sexual selection. We tend to be attracted to people who have symmetrical faces and bodies. Evolution provides a logical answer to this. Those who are unfit or unhealthy tend to have asymmetrical bodies. Hence, any deviation from symmetry indicates that a particular person has not grown properly or is unfit for reproduction. This leads to sexual selection where a symmetrical individual is seen as more attractive.

Research carried out on macaque monkeys by Anthony Little and Annika Paukner found that monkeys look longer at symmetrical faces than they do at uneven faces (Little et. al, 2012). Facial symmetry is used as an indicator of health and hence is considered attractive. If your use makeup or cloth that makes you look symmetrical, you are more likely to appear attractive.



Little, A. C., Paukner, A., Woodward, R.A. and Suomi, S.J. (2012) “Facial asymmetry is negatively related to condition in female macaque monkeys”, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 2012, Volume 66, Number 9, Pages 1311-1318 

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