Train the Trainer Course: Core Skills

Learn How to Become the Best Trainer in Your Field 

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In only two days, learn how to turn any training course into an engaging, memorable and desired course that people want to attend;

that your delegates learn so much that they cannot stop telling their friends about.


Train the Trainer Course

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Course Description

During this intensive interactive 2-day course, you will be introduced to the four cornerstones of training: method, setup, expression and teaching. The course is designed to boost your confidence and authority in the class, constantly keeping delegates engaged and helping them remember the content through participation and exercises.

By the end of this course:

  • You will learn how to systematically approach any teaching activity
  • You will be able to deliver an engaging course using participatory techniques
  • You get to deliver a mini training session and receive feedback
  • You will be given homework and assignment to complete
  • You will be assessed
  • You will get a 120-page detailed workbook and useful checklists
  • You will be given a post course video critique
  • You will receive a certificate of completion 


Your Questions Answered

As a trainer you want to answer the following questions:

  • How can you make the delegates excited about the topic and keep them engaged throughout the course?
  • How can you make the delegates believe that you are the best trainer in the field?
  • How can you make the delegates remember the contents of the course for years to come?
  • How can you demonstrate to the delegates what they have learned in the course?

The purpose of this 2-day intensive course is to teach you just that; it will turn you into a confident, influential trainer that delivers.


How to Avoid Lecturing


A Complement to the Train the Trainer Book

Train the Trainer - Book Front Cover

Train the Trainer:
The Art of Training Delivery

This course is designed and delivered by Dr. Honary who is the author of the popular book on train the trainer. Readers on Amazon and site visitors praise it, and this course is designed specifically to complement the book with the intention to get you practice delivery skills in a supportive environment while receiving feedback.


Practice Makes Perfect

This is an extremely hands-on workshop. Numerous focused exercises have been designed thoughtfully to help you learn and memorise what has been taught during the course and to give you an opportunity to try it out for yourself. By working together with other participants in the course, you can see how each technique is used in practice and how to apply them to your own courses. 


A Dynamic Course that Boosts Confidence

All the materials, techniques and exercises in this course have been designed based on solid academic research. Yet this is not a course filled with boring educational theories. This course contains successful practical guidelines which work. We know because we do it all the time and it works.

You will learn how participatory techniques and experiential learning can enhance training.

This course emphasises actions over desires. You will learn to deliver a course that relates to people's everyday training needs instead of focusing on fluffy theoretical stuff.

In this highly practical course you will learn:


On Method

  • How crucial it is to understand learning styles and how to use them
  • How to centre the training on learners rather than centring it on the trainer or the content.
  • What it means to be a facilitating trainer as opposed to a lecturing trainer.
  • How to establish rapport with your delegates and generate trust
  • How to make your content more memorable by appealing to all senses


On Setup

  • What to do exactly from the start of the course to the end of the first break, to win your delegates over and make them believe they are attending a “good one”
  • How to take advantage of the five seconds rule in organising and setting up the physical training environment.
  • How to use visual tools without disengaging, boring or distracting the delegates.
  • How to sequence your content and training from the moment delegates arrive to the moment they leave. You will learn the course structure and see why so many training courses fail because they don’t follow it.
  • How to formulate objectives to increase learning.
  • Why you must Establish the Need and how to do it before you embark on teaching an adult on any subject. Learn why the failure to do so is the primary reason that teaching fails.
  • How to handle questions to meet delegates’ needs.
  • How to finish a course so that delegates leave with a positive feeling knowing what they have learned and why.


On Expression

  • How to feel confident.
  • What actions and thoughts help you control your nervousness.
  • How you can avoid having non-participating delegates by taking pre-emptive actions and avoid all kinds of future problems.
  • What you should be thinking about, just before you start the course, and how it can help you immensely with your training.
  • How to communicate with intention through your body language, voice and expression.


On Teaching

  • How you should distribute your time to increase learning and avoid being a bore
  • How to engage and keep delegate’s attention by using the four-step engagement sequence.
  • What are the four styles of addressing questions and when to use them to engage and check delegates’ understanding.
  • How to formulate questions to make delegates think and maximise learning.
  • How to get the delegates practice the skills by going through useful exercises. Learn how to increase participation and learning.


Train the Trainer Workbooks


What Will You Get Out of This Course?

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and will receive constructive and valuable feedback.

Prepare a 10 minutes demo training session on a topic of your choice before attending the course. During the workshop you will be shown how to structure and deliver an inspiring, entertaining and informative course. You can then modify and improve your demo session and deliver it to the class at the end of the 2-day course. You will receive a thorough feedback on your session structure and delivery. 


Receive Video Critique

A video of your demo session along with more feedback on your performance will be sent to you after the course. This helps further reflection and maximises the learning process. 


Who Is This Course For?

  • People who are new or experienced and want to systematically improve their training delivery skills
  • Subject matter experts who want to develop their training skills
  • High performance trainers who want to maximise their training impact
  • Trainers who want to learn participative techniques
  • Managers who want to empower their staff

We keep the number of participants attending the course to a maximum of 6 to set learning at an optimal level. 


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About Your Instructor

This course is delivered by Dr. Ethan (Ehsan) Honary who is the founder of Skills Converged. Through his work on training materials and train the trainer courses, Ethan has helped trainers in more than 100 countries. He is a passionate trainer, researcher, writer and designer who is on a mission to improve the training world and empower the trainers worldwide.

The course is delivered by Ethan in all venues across UK, so you are guaranteed to get the same high standards everywhere.

Find out more about Ethan Honary.


Attending the Train the Trainer Course by Dr. Ethan Honary

Group Photo of Delegates Attending Dr. Ethan Honary's Train the Trainer Course

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If you have any questions about the course, call us on
020 3286 9260 or alternatively drop us an email.

Testimonials of Delegates Attending the Course

"A fantastic learning experience, with relevant and structured material delivered by an accomplished teacher (and good mix of learners). I liked the variety of teaching methods to embrace different learning styles, stimulate interest and engage learners."
"I liked the content, the delivery, the relevance and the feedback. It was perfect! I am glad I did the course. I have learned a great deal and see training in a different (better) light!"
"I loved that it is all based on a combination of science and experience. I love that there was a strong practical element and that this built up gradually through the course. This is a really excellent course which I would recommend to any beginner or intermediate trainer, or any trainer with no formal training. Thank you!"
"What I liked most about the course is the trainer. So so welcoming + approachable. Created an amazing atmosphere in which to learn. I will miss your expertise! I learned a lot. Have a lot to ponder over. I will recommend you to my colleagues. I can guarantee their trainer wasn’t as fantastic as Ethan!"
"I liked the performance of the trainer. It was easy to understand. Easy workbook. Thank you!"
"I liked the content, the exercises, overall delivery of the course. Sincere thank you for such an informative and fun 2-day session."
"The concepts were delivered with thought and knowledge which gave a very balanced and meaningful course/experience. Very enjoyable with a very interesting instructor. "
"I really like the fact that the course made me think. Very happy with trainer’s expertise and knowledge on subject."
"The pace of the course was just right, and the content was pitched well. So I was able to keep up and relate to it to how I would use. I don’t think there is any need for improvement as [the course] works well now, and it imparts the knowledge that is required in a way that is understood by all."
"What I liked about the course: • Focused on my needs • Continuous exchange of info and experiences • Like to improve on learning styles and leading questions."


In-House Training in UK

This course can be provided in-house in UK at your own premises and you can save substantially. Get your staff trained on how to teach effectively whatever the subject matter and boost productivity.

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The Making of This Course

It has taken us more than six months to design this course and we update and improve it regularly. We have tapped into the last three decades of progress in educational psychology and andragogy, merged with practical experience and observation in day-to-day training. This is literally, “Skills Converged”.

Having been designing training materials for more than a decade, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on training methods that work. We are also very good at recognising what doesn't work! The feedback from the training community using our products has been immensely useful and important in this process. The result is the creation of this state-of-the-art course. We aim to provide one of the best train the trainer courses on the market.

We despise run-off-the-mill courses delivered by un-trained trainers—boring and uninspiring courses which lack substance delivered by a person who doesn’t know the content, doesn’t know how to deliver it or neither. This is in fact the main inspiration behind our existence and the desire to support the training community and to train people how to teach well. This is the reason why we have spent so much effort, time and money, to design this course and push this field to a whole new level.

Whether you are new to training, or are looking to enhance your teaching skills, you have come to the right place. You will gain great insights, experience and knowledge from this course.

To Attend The Course:

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Course Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to provide the best Train the Trainer courses. If after attending a course you feel that you have not developed new skills and attitudes towards training people, and are not completely happy with the course, we will refund the full cost of the course. No quibble.

That is the Skills Converged 100% guarantee.


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CPD Certified

CPD Certified

This course is CPD Certified.

This means it has been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality by a standards body.

This accredited train the trainer course comes with a free CPD certificate upon completion.

You can claim 14 CPD hours for this course.

Learn more about train the trainer CPD accredited courses.

UK Venue Locations

City of London

Course delivered in the City of London with easy access to everything London offers. 


2 Minster Court,



Maple House
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5-7 Preston Road


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Refreshments and lunch are included for both days.

What Happens During the Course

On Day 1:

Course Start 9:30 – Please arrive at most by 9:15 to settle in. The course starts precisely on time. 

This is an intensive course; lunch is scheduled for 45 min.

Finish at 5:30

Complete your homework and prepare for tomorrow’s exercises

On Day 2:

Start at 9:30

More tuition, exercises and practicing 

Deliver your improved demo training sessions and receive feedback during the course

Finish at 5:30 


Upon attendance and delivery of your assessed demo session, you receive a Certificate of Achievement from Skills Converged. In addition you will also get CPD certification. 

Skills Converged Certified Training Materials

Terms & Conditions

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