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In-Depth Guides on Train the Trainer


In this section, you will find in-depth articles and insights on how to deliver impeccable training courses and how to teach well on any subject.

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A Crash Course How to Deliver Professional Training

Learn about the seven fundamental principles of training and what you must absolutely get right to be able to deliver effective training. Learn about training needs analysis, working memory, long term memory and how learning works.

Instructional Methods

Instructional methods consist of principles and methods used by teachers to enhance and relate training to learners. Learn about these strategies and use them in relation with characteristics of your learners and your training needs.

The Name Game

How can you memorise delegate’ names with ease and get them to do the same? What can you learn from this method to enhance your training?

Teaching by Example

Learn how teaching by example can significantly boost training. Through an example, you will learn about a variety of design-patterns and explanations. Learn about the 6-step instruction formula to explain any subject while maximising training efficiency.