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Long read articles on how to deliver impeccable training courses and how to teach well on any subject.

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Instructional Design Theories

Learn about the most important instructional design theories and how to use them in course design.

The Atelier Method Can Significantly Boost Your Training

Learn about the powerful atelier method of training and see how you can apply it to your own training courses when teaching on any subject. See how the method helped produce spectacular results, all in line with our understanding of cognitive psychology, neuroscience and science of learning.


18 Critical Training Guidelines That You Should Know by Heart

What keeps people motivated? What does it take to motivate your students? What can you do to encourage your students to actually use and apply what they have learned in your course? How can you help them gain a skill and, crucially, keep the skill well after the course? In this guide, I will aim to answer these questions and give you a series of easy-to-follow strategies that you can apply to your own training courses.

4 Powerful Strategies to Motivate Your Students

In this article, I have compiled a set of practical training guidelines that I hope everyone in a teaching position learns and masters by heart. I have designed it to be a compact set of important actions that you can easily focus on and become proficient at.

Train the Trainer Model

What is Train the Trainer Model? Does it mean a model of training? Does it mean a model of training other trainers or is this about an ideal teaching method? It turns out that it is none of the above and instead is a relatively straight forward concept, though one that is incredibly powerful. Here, I will share with you what the Train the Trainer Model means, what the benefits are and how to apply it.

How to Apply Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is learning by doing and it is an extremely important paradigm in educational psychology. It is in contrast with academic learning. Learn about experiential learning and how you can apply it to your own training courses.

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About the Author

Ethan Honary 

Dr Ethan Honary is the founder of Skills Converged Ltd. A training consultant, researcher, author and designer with an aim to help trainers worldwide to improve training delivery and course design. 

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Course Design Strategy

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Train the Trainer Book

Train the Trainer - Book Front Cover

Available as paperback and ebook

Train the Trainer: How to Design a Training Course

This comprehensive guide will show you how to design a course in 17 steps. Course design can be quite complex. Not only you need to know your content, you also need to know how to teach it, how to keep your learners excited and how to make your own life easy.

How to Design a Course Feedback Form

In this article, I am going to share with you a series of important guidelines on designing feedback forms and the underlying reasons behind them. Whether you are a trainer, work for HR, in charge of a training department or work for a training agency, you can benefit from the guidelines given here.

Teaching by Example

Learn how teaching by example can significantly boost training. Through an example, you will learn about a variety of design-patterns and explanations. Learn about the 6-step instruction formula to explain any subject while maximising training efficiency.

How to Memorise Delegates Names

How can you memorise delegate’ names with ease and get them to do the same? What can you learn from this method to enhance your training?

A Crash Course How to Deliver Professional Training

Learn about the seven fundamental principles of training and what you must absolutely get right to be able to deliver effective training. Learn about training needs analysis, working memory, long term memory and how learning works.

Instructional Methods

Instructional methods consist of principles and methods used by teachers to enhance and relate training to learners. Learn about these strategies and use them in relation with characteristics of your learners and your training needs.

Free Random Group Generator

Clock Buddies Training Tool

Clock Buddies Generator

Create unique combinations of breakout groups and repeatedly mix up students quickly and efficiently.

Use our free software to create printable clock buddies handouts. Learn about random group maker applications.   

Invest in Yourself to Become a Better Trainer

Teaching is a life skill. Whatever your subject matter, even if you change it in the future, your ability to teach well is something that never goes obsolete, always remains useful and satisfying.