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Train the Trainer: Books, Courses, Articles

Learn how to teach well, with long lasting results. A wide variety of resources are on offer so that you can become a better trainer in any field.


Train the Trainer Book

Train the Trainer Book

Our comprehensive guide on how to deliver high-impact, educational and entertaining training courses.

Interactive Course

Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer:
Core Skills Workshop - UK Venues

Learn How to Become the Best Trainer in Your Field


2-Day Course

See course page for programme outline


Full Course Details

We also offer in-house train the trainer courses

Self-Study Course

Train the Trainer Self-Study Course

Train the Trainer Self-Study Course

If you are new to Skills Converged, start with this free course. The course guides you through a series of lessons on training methodologies and best practices. Each lesson leads you to various resources on this site and helps you to systematically explore the world of training.

In-Depth Articles

Train the Trainer Tutorials

Learn to Teach

Expand your training skills with a series of articles on how to deliver high-impact training courses.

Training Materials

Train the Trainer Training Materials

Train the Trainer Training Materials

Use these materials to deliver a 3-day course and teach trainers how to deliver better courses.

Includes MS Office source files PPT, PPTX. Additional trainer guides in PDF are also provided. 



Clock Buddies Tool

Clock Buddies Tool

Use our Clock Buddies tool to efficiently pair up delegates.


Body Language Guide

Body Language Tutorials

A comprehensive set of articles and resources on body language for self-study or to train others on this topic. The illustrated guides help you improve your presentation skills and personal impact.

Invest in Yourself to Become a Better Trainer

Teaching is a life skill. Whatever your subject matter, even if you change it in the future, your ability to teach well is something that never goes obsolete, always remains useful and satisfying.