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Description: Train the Trainer

What makes a training course successful? What is the secret to conducting an effective and memorable training course? What makes a great trainer? Why some training courses are useful, motivating and educational while others are boring and forgettable?

This book provides you with a comprehensive set of guidelines on all aspects of training. The methodologies, scenarios and exercises presented in this book will ensure that you, as a trainer, are equipped with all the tools and skills needed to deliver a great training course. At Skills Converged, we specialise in supporting the training community with our state-of-the-art training materials. Over the years we have delivered numerous courses and have received extensive feedback from trainers who have used our products all over the world. We know what makes a training course successful and what makes one fail. In this book, we share our most treasured findings and experiences with you. We want to help you become the best trainer you can be and in turn, train as many people as possible around the world.

Research shows that one of the fastest ways to learn is through examples. This book contains a large number of examples, case studies, and important research in the field of adult education for you to employ. Whether you are teaching soft skills, management, IT, technical courses or arts and crafts, you can benefit from this book as the lessons are applicable to teach any topic.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to get the most from your training courses
  • How to avoid barriers to learning
  • How to take advantage of principles of Accelerated Learning
  • How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis
  • How to present confidently
  • How to avoid bad training delivery practices
  • How to plan your course
  • How to arrange the training environment optimally
  • How to keep the delegates constantly engaged
  • How to respond when you are being challenged
  • How to avoid poor statements that can hinder learning
  • How to take advantage of the power of story-telling
  • How to run training exercises to get the most from them


A Note on the Second Edition of This Book:

The first edition of “The Art of Training Delivery” contained a large number of examples and scenarios of poor training course delivery, with the purpose of helping you learn from these examples and improve on your own training skills. The Second Edition, which is extensively expanded, contains the following:

  • In this edition, these scenarios have been enhanced and many more cases are added to the collection.
  • This edition now contains the entirety of our highly-praised Train the Trainer Self-Study Course. Several lessons have been expanded and recent research and studies have been added. The book contains all the exercises and homework included in the self-study course. You can now have all the lessons in one place and go through the book at your own pace while analysing your training performance.
  • Several new chapters have been added to the new edition such as guidelines on how learning works, managing expectations, attention management, history and background of Accelerated Learning and how to take advantage of it to improve your training delivery.

This Second Edition of the book has been expanded extensively with many lessons and insights. Whether you are new to training or you are an experienced trainer, this book will help you to examine your performance, reflect on it and improve it. The detailed homework and exercises will then help you formulate specific actions to systematically address each area that needs improvement.


Testimonials for the First Edition and the Self-Study Course that is now included in this Second Edition

“I bought your e-book for train the trainer. It is amazing!!!!! I would like to buy more, but that is the only eBook. I live in Costa Rica. I am a lawyer and a certified mediator, but I am also the Dean of a Law School and a teacher of law and negotiation. So, I want to have all, all, all your material. It has been wonderful that I discovered your page.”
“The Train the Trainer Self Study course by Skills Converged is undoubtedly amazing. I am so glad to be associated with you since the launch. Each and every lesson is an eye opener for me as a Trainer and I religiously do follow them. Eagerly waits for Monday`s. I have attended many Train the Trainer courses however this module is truly practical and up to date.”
"Thank you so much for sending excellent notes and insights about different kinds of training. It really helps me to acquire new skills and knowledge."
"The lessons are very well structured and something I can relate to personally. I eagerly await the next lessons and sincerely thank the team for constructing this training in an easy to follow yet relevant format."
"I thoroughly enjoyed going through the material. It was very comprehensive and informative. I have been able to increase my understanding of the subject immensely. I also implemented some of the ideas in my classes."

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