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Our Mission

Train People on Soft Skills - Lift All Society

We are here to support the training community in delivering impeccable training courses and subsequently improving people’s lives. We think of ourselves as your partner and that together we are on a quest to make a better world. We aim to be the ultimate supplier of choice for soft skills training materials, providing you with high quality content and the latest training methodologies. We aim to enhance your training skills and to empower you and your delegates.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime; develop teachers of fishermen and you lift all society. 



What Is "Soft Skills"?

Soft skills help an individual to perform better in life, interact more efficiently with others and have better personal attributes. Unlike hard skills, which focus on specific areas and are more technical, soft skills are applicable to a broad spectrum of areas and can benefit everyone.

Soft skills are best understood through the following areas:

  • Communicating
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leading
  • Delegating
  • Presenting
  • Motivating
  • Productivity
  • People skills
  • Influencing
  • Empathy
  • Sociability
  • Making conversations
  • Personal branding

“Your hard skills will get you an interview, but it is your soft skills that will get the job (and helps you to keep it).”

Soft skills are now recognised as one of the most important areas of business profitability since by increasing the communication skills of staff you can significantly increase their productivity and the company throughput.

In fact, soft skills are now so important that we can no longer accept old fashioned pushy autocratic styles of management. Instead, we are interested in empathic leaders who can understand people and connect with them. Their soft skills seem to be far more important than their CVs or their technical abilities.

Everyone has some experience in soft skills, though most people are unaware of the importance of these skills. Perhaps this is to do with the legacy of our education, where emphasis is put on hard skills and soft skills are somewhat neglected in comparison.

Fortunately, soft skills are like any other skill. They can be thought, learned, practiced and mastered. The key is to use the skills persistently and continuously monitor progress towards an ideal goal.


Why Those With High EQ Will Succeed More Than Those With High IQ

Traditionally, IQ has been synonymous to intelligence and subsequently was correlated to success. Significant research on emotional intelligence shows that EQ (Emotional Quotient) is an equally important measure of a person’s emotional skills which is directly related to their success.

This suggests that we can plot a person’s overall ability across two dimensions; EQ and IQ. Now consider a typical large company who employs a variety of capable employees. Companies are usually interested to hire intelligent staff and hence their focus is primarily on technical skills. In other words, companies go for high IQ people, in particular if they happen to be a technology company.

It turns out that people with high IQs tend to have naturally lower EQs. Nature and nurture makes them good at problem solving and reasoning, but they may not be as skilled when it comes to social skills or communicating their feelings with others.

Hence, those with high IQ tend to need even more training on soft skills which means there is a constant need to train capable employees, especially when they are working in teams.

Here is a distribution of employees based on their IQ and EQ in a typical company:

IQ EQ Graph


Since the company generally employs high IQ people, there is not much difference between individuals as they all have relatively high IQs. How can one distinguish himself from others in such an environment? As the following graph suggests, to differentiate, people need to move towards the top right corner of the graph where the most capable employees reside. In other words, technical skills are good to get a job, but emotional skills are needed to move up when in the job.

EQ IQ Goal

Hence, in a competitive environment of a company where most people are already high IQ, the best way to stand out is to focus on EQ. This is best achieved by systematic training on emotional intelligence and soft skills. The best staff are those that are good at both EQ and IQ and an organisation full of these kinds of people will no doubt be very successful.

We hope that soft skills training materials provided by Skills Converged are a step towards this ideal.

We think soft skills training materials should be available to as many people as possible so we strive to keep the costs low. We work hard to add to our collection of free training materials and expect to recover the cost for this through the sales of our products. Every time you purchase courses from us you support us in helping those who cannot afford the courses we offer but instead get to use the free materials we develop. We have people visiting our site from different parts of the world and we are proud of being able to help them makes us proud to feel we can be of help to them.


Why Buy Training Materials?

The essence of productivity is to save time by not doing something that is already done and not doing something that can easily be delegated to others.

In today’s world, outsourcing is key. Rather than spending your precious time on research and development of training courses, you can get a head start by using our competitively priced, high quality course materials. We will do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on the delivery of the content rather than the design from scratch.

Those companies who take advantage of cost cutting and respond quickly to changing market demands will be naturally more successful and generate more revenue which in turn allows them to expand and gain market share. Using training materials rather than developing them from scratch can significantly cut your costs while giving you access to our accumulated knowledge on making and delivering soft skills courseware.

Our high quality training courses will give you the prestige required to compete with others in a crowded market and win over clients. Should you wish, you can use “Designed by Skills Converged” in your marketing to further communicate the use of our courses with your clients and demonstrate the quality of your training courses.

See a number of use cases  on what our customers think when they use our training materials to deliver training courses.

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Past Clients Include...

Skills Converged has training experience on design & delivery in a wide variety of subjects such as soft skills, productivity, personal development, management and IT.

Past clients include:

  • Yell Group
  • European Space Agency (ESTEC in Netherlands)
  • University of Southampton
  • NHS
  • Commercial International Bank, Egypt
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Cranfield University
  • BBC South West
  • DAKO
  • Department of Transport, Australia
  • National Treasury South Africa
  • Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
  • ETIHAD Airways
  • AIB Bank, Ireland
  • Tamar Housing Society
  • South West Shopfitters Ltd.
  • SciSys UK
  • Blackfriars Contract Division
  • Qioptic Ltd.
  • First Devon & Cornwall
  • GHQ Training Ltd.
  • Fire Crest Fire Protection
  • MCB-Menadžment Centar Beograd
  • Barbican Theatre, UK
  • Open College Network
  • Ginsters Ltd.
  • Hunter Stoves Ltd.
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory
  • Ashburton Cookery School
  • Invensys Controls UK

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