Turn Your Staff Into Great Trainers

Group Booking

Why not turn your own staff into best teachers? They know your business, they know your people, help them teach well and lift your company above competition.  

Teaching is an art. It is a life skill. Once your staff know how to train others well, they can use this for any subject they know now or in the future. They can teach well for life.  


10% Discount for 5 or More

We offer a discounted rate to get your team trained. Discount applies to training 5 or more people.  


Their Own Pace

Students can go through the course at any time and at their own pace. They don’t all have to go through it at the same time. There are however many online discussion opportunities within the course where participants can exchange ideas within the system as they go through the exercises.

Our online courses are designed to help any subject matter expert become good at teaching their craft. 


How It Works

STEP 1: Contact Us

Let us know how many people you want to enrol in our online course. 

STEP 2: Get a Quote

We will give you a quote including discounts for your specific requirements. 

STEP 3: Order the Online Course

You give us the go ahead along with any details required so we can prepare and send you an invoice. Alternatively we can give you vouchers for the multi-booking discounts and you can book each individual student yourself using our website. 

STEP 4: Enrol Students 

You can then pay by direct bank to bank transfer. Once payment is received, we can add your students to the course. We would need a list of names and email addresses for all students as we need to create a separate account for each student. They can then access the online course in their own time.