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Training Materials Discounts

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A Few Easy Steps to Get and Use the Training Materials

STEP 1: Browse

Browse the collection of training materials: Product Catalogue

STEP 2: Choose

Review the syllabus and course contents to see which courses fit your needs the most.

Popular use cases: 

  • Extending course portfolio 
  • Setting up training agency
  • Updating current courses with fresh content 
  • Meeting local demand with new training courses 
  • Learning how course material is designed and put together

STEP 3: Add

Add the training materials to the shopping cart.

No registeration is required. You can subscribe if you wish to download sample courses.  

STEP 4: Save Money

Review how much you can save. Discounts are applied automatically. The more courses you add, the more discounts you receive.

Training Materials Discounts

STEP 5: Buy

Complete the online checkout. You can pay by credit card, debit card, paypal, direct bank to bank and by invoice.

STEP 6: Download

Expect to receive emails with download instructions.

STEP 7: Study

Follow the comprehensive guidelines provided in the training materials to familiarise yourself with the course. See what's included

STEP 8: Edit

Modify and tailor the course based on your needs.

STEP 9: Rehearse

Practice rehearsing the course to prepare for delivery.

STEP 11: Deliver & Earn

Deliver a high-impact training course with long lasting results.

STEP 12: Evaluate

Monitor and evaluate your performance using feedback forms and trainer guidelines.

STEP 13: Enhance

Review our extensive range of free training rescources to enhance your courses based on your needs.


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How are the course materials shipped?

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What version or formats are supported?

What are the terms of use?

What are the main features of training course materials?

Can I use the course material in my own slides and workbooks?

Why do you develop training resources?

What happens when I order training resources?


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