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24 Hours Support

If you have any questions in regard with our training materials, purchasing content, our services and our prices, please start with the FAQ list for immediate answers. If you want to purchase by invoice, please request an invoice using this form. If you could not find your answer in the FAQ, you can contact us using the details provided on this page. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Your Feedback is Important to Us:

Skills Converged was born out of the need to collect, consume, edit and publish quality training materials for business training and personal development. Considering the time limitations trainers may experience and the amount of time everyone has to spend on making training materials, the team at Skills Converged decided to share their research with other trainers. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the courses they have purchased from us and it is quite common to see them return and buy other products for their training needs.

At Skills Converged, we believe in quality of the materials from content to presentation to effectiveness. We work hard to achieve these qualities because we believe nothing is worse than a waste of effort or a waste of training.

We look forward to hear from you about the products you have purchased from us or if you have any other enquires. We think quality comes from the relationship between the customer and the supplier and the attention to detail. We are always interested to increase the quality of our products. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Important Note:

If you email us for support or information, we will definitely get back to you. If you didn't hear from us, assume there has been a glitch in the system, such as wrong reply email supplied by the customer or our replies ending up in your junk mail. If you didn't hear from us the first time, please contact us again or post a message to the forum under feedback and suggestions and expect to hear from us soon. 


For any queries in regard with our products & services please contact support:

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TEL (UK): 07876 083 872

TEL (Int.): +44 7876 083 872

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