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Bundle Several Soft Skills Training Materials as a Package and Save on the Total Price

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Training Materials Package Combinations

Many of our customers have shown interest in purchasing multiple courses as a package so they can receive a discount while also being able to extend their course collection. Having a strong course portfolio allows you to respond quickly to market demands. We understand this need and as a result have developed a very flexible discount system that gives you total control in choosing what you want to buy. The discount rates shown above are automatically applied as you add more products to the shopping cart. 

You can use a printable list of our training materials while deciding what courses to buy.

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How to Get Your Discount:

Navigate the site and add the products you want to your Shopping Basket. As your shopping basket gets fuller, new discount rates will be added automatically. There is no need to apply a discount code.

how auto-generated discount works

The good news is that, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. At Skills Converged we understand that trainers need to have a large collection of materials to respond to different needs of their clients. All our products contain well-defined sessions which can fit together in any number of ways you desire. By buying as a package, not only you save money, but also you get more flexibility when designing or modifying your training courses by having more content and exercises to choose from.

Note that you can buy any combination of training materials and save. Unlike some suppliers we don't provide a pre-set bundle that you are forced to purchase to save. Instead, we have designed the system to give you maximum flexibility when choosing training materials.


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