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Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity

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Fully Customisable Training Course Material: Description

“Not all dreamers achieve, but all achievers dream.”

What is our life all about? What is it that we ultimately try to achieve? Our mission statement defines who we are and what we want to do in life to feel fulfilled and happy. Knowing your mission statement deserves a fair amount of time since it will lead to a lot of benefit. Research shows that most people don’t have stated missions, let alone written goals.

However, in order to know your mission and what you want to do in life, you need to be able to creatively think about it so you can come up with new ideas. Once you have decided what you want to do, you may need to take steps to persuade others to follow suit or ask them to help you out in your mission.

The purpose of this course is to combine these three related fields, motivation, persuasion and creativity and prepare you for your life’s journey to achieve what you set about to do.

If you have staff that you suspect are bored or don’t quite know what they want in life, this course can greatly help them to systematically analyse their life and feel excited about it which will increase their throughput.

Motivated employees are known to be more focused and productive. This course aims to increase the productivity of individuals by teaching them a number of tools that they can easily use during the course or even after the course to understand themselves better.

Notice that unlike many other courses that focus on preaching, emotional bonding and group hugging, this course teaches a set of step-by-step guides and provides tools that delegates can use to increase their knowledge about themselves and others systematically.


The tools on creativity help delegates to come up with many new ideas quickly and effortlessly. In our experience, this technique has proven to be much more effective than delivering a speech and then asking them to close their eyes and think of what they want to do in life. Accelerated learning, interactive exercises and upbeat atmosphere helps the delegates to quickly explore many areas and feel the energy of achieving something new.

The course contains a variety of related topics that further help the delegates. Delegates will get to practice brainstorming with other group members and understand how new techniques can empower team members to work cooperatively & creatively together. In addition, delegates will learn a number of techniques to become more productive and learn how to avoid procrastination.

This course teaches a set of step-by-step guides and provides tools that delegates can use to increase their knowledge about themselves and others systematically.

Another important topic covered in this course is how to persuade which is an essential skill in today’s business world. With new psychological techniques delegates can start to get results immediately. For example, delegates can use novel methods such as NLP to improve their persuasiveness by using simple mind reprogramming techniques rather than following time consuming traditional methods. Delegates also explore principles of persuasion and explore what it takes to convince others of their ideas or products.

In this highly practical course delegates will learn:

Goal Setting

  • How to setup your mission statement in 8 clear steps
  • How to come up with new goals
  • How to use your mission statement systematically to decide what you want to get from life professionally and personally
  • What is the impact of goal-oriented thinking on your productivity and satisfaction?
  • How to identify your roles and balance your life based on them


  • What is the cycle of decision making and how can this help you to decide?
  • How to avoid procrastination
  • What are grand presuppositions and how can they help you to get more out of life?
  • How to increase your self-confidence and create a positive mental attitude


  • How does persuasion work?
  • How people get motivated and how can you use this knowledge to persuade them?
  • How to structure your sentences to persuade others
  • What are the most persuasive words to use in different contexts?
  • How to use positive psychological methods such as NLP to boost your confidence
  • How to persuade others using the 7-step persuasion technique


  • What is creativity?
  • How to use a simple, yet powerful technique, to come up with many new ideas quickly
  • What are creativity show stoppers and how to tackle them?
  • How to fully take advantage of your brain power to come up with new ideas even when you are not directly engaged in thinking about them

Audience: Anyone

Prerequisites: None

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Level: Beginners & Intermediate

To expand on these topics, Skills Converged provides a full day course on Creativity and Innovation.

To teach NLP techniques to delegates on self-development and influence, use NLP Core Skills.

Samples of Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity Training Materials


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Trainer Notes

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Delegates will learn ...

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Draw up your mission statement and know what you want in life
  • Avoid putting aside a task and get it done, finally!
  • Use tools and methods to become more creative
  • Maintain the correct mentality with long term strategic thinking when interacting with others
  • Convince others of your ideas or products comfortably & systematically

The Philosophy Behind Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity Training Course

This course focuses on three important and related topics:


You must know what you want in life. Without having clear goals, there is no point in learning any new skills. Without goals you will be going nowhere or worst, you will be heading towards the wrong direction. A third of this course focuses on goal setting and goal finding.

Everyone knows that they need goals but a de-motivated person doesn’t know how to find it. This course is not about preaching the delegate on the merits of goal finding. Instead, it uses a completely indirect approach. It teaches them techniques that will enable them to learn more about life and their interests. The more they expand their thoughts, the higher the chances of finding that they their ultimate goals.

This approach also makes it easy for you as a trainer to avoid giving lengthy speeches and instead focus on practical and easy to follow techniques that have proven quite effective for such applications.


Motivation Climbing


Persuasion Skills

Building on the goals, delegates focus on a few techniques to expand their abilities on influencing others. It covers certain NLP techniques as well as concepts such as confidence and relates back to motivation. Knowing how others are motivated greatly helps delegates to master the art of influence.


The glue that combines these methods is creativity which allows delegates to think out of the box and find novel solutions to problems in a systematic fashion. Simple yet power guidelines and techniques help the delegates, especially those who don’t think of themselves as creative, to give it a try. The creativity techniques and methods discussed in this course will increase delegate’s confidence in their abilities as it will make them better at idea generation and problem solving.

A Companion Book for This Course


Focused Determination - Book Front Cover


You can use the following companion book as part of your training resources. You can provide the self-study book yourself or refer the delegates to obtain and read it. You can ask them to go through the exercises in the book as an assignment. If you have a follow-on course you can encourage a discussion and highlight key points on what they learned from the book.

Focused Determination:
How to Engineer Your Life to Maximise Your Happiness


You can now download the PDF version of the full book for free.

Training Package Contents

  Exercises / Handouts
  Trainer Notes
  Specific Course Guidelines & Agenda
  General Guidelines on Training Methodology
  Course Outline
  Recommended Readings
  Feedback forms, certificate of achievement, etc.


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