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Creativity Exercise: The Future of Technology

Creativity Exercise: The Future of Technology
Exercises, Decision Making, Brainstorming, Design

Article Rating:::: 75 Ratings :::: Monday, February 8, 2010

The purpose of this exercise is to get the delegates think creatively about the future of technology. Invariably, people are affected by technology and many great ideas originate from people who are not necessarily working on the technical aspects of a new domain, but those who might simply see a need for something and think why a particular service or product has not already been made.

This creativity process benefits companies to become more innovative as they can use all their staff’s brain pool to get creative ideas.

This exercise is by design rather general. Based on your own specific domain you can focus the exercise on specific topics.

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Creativity Exercise: Expand and Shrink

Creativity Exercise: Expand and Shrink
Exercises, Team Building, Decision Making, Brainstorming, Design

Article Rating:::: 63 Ratings :::: Monday, November 2, 2009

When engaged in a brainstorming session on productivity, you want to maximise your search efficiency in order to systematically explore all areas and get the best from the time spend on the problem. A great way to do this is to expand and shrink the problem so you can come up with new ideas, get rid of the bad ideas and move forward.

Effectively, you can use the following 5 techniques:

  • Expand. Expand the problem by thinking of new associations on all directions.
  • Reduce. Reduce the scope.
  • Reverse. Come up with something opposite to explore new avenues.
  • Eliminate. Remove those ideas that don’t make any sense to reduce your search space and increase the efficiency of your brainstorming. After all, you can’t spend forever on this topic so you need to setup boundaries.

The following exercise helps the delegates to use this method.

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Freeform Creativity Exercise

Freeform Creativity Exercise
Exercises, Team Building, Exercises for Kids, Sales Skills, Marketing, Design

Article Rating:::: 91 Ratings :::: Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some people believe that they are not creative. The belief comes to define their attitude towards any problem and can limit their capability irrespective of their creative ability. Almost everyone is creative and uses that creativity on a daily basis in everyday tasks such as cooking, rearranging furniture, professional organisational skills, report writing and so on. Unfortunately, they may not see these activities as creative. It is a good idea to push these individuals into doing classic creative tasks to show them that they can be just as creative as others if they want to. Once their self-limiting attitude is corrected, their confidence is increases and they can start to see their own talent. The viscous cycle can be broken.

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Team Building Exercise: Adverts

Team Building Exercise: Adverts
Exercises, Team Building, Acting, Marketing, Design

Article Rating:::: 123 Ratings :::: Thursday, September 25, 2008

This fun exercise aims to encourage team work and creativity within organisations. The delegates get to test their design skills and learn to communicate their ideas effectively to other team members.

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Teamwork Exercise: Paper Bridge

Teamwork Exercise: Paper Bridge
Leadership, Exercises, Team Building, Problem Solving, Design

Article Rating:::: 501 Ratings :::: Monday, September 22, 2008

The aim of this fun exercise is to encourage team work and creative thinking.

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Team Building Exercises: Silent Design

Team Building Exercises: Silent Design
Exercises, Team Building, Body Language, Giving Feedback, Listening Skills, Design

Article Rating:::: 217 Ratings :::: Thursday, September 18, 2008

The aim of this exercise is to emphasise the importance of non verbal communication when working in a team.

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