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Agile vs. Traditional Task Management Exercise

 Agile vs. Traditional Task Management Exercise
Exercises, Team Building, Productivity, Decision Making, Large Group, Planning, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 38 Ratings :::: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

This is a useful exercise in demonstrating the difference between Agile and traditional development environments such as waterfall. It can also help explore concepts such as silo mentality, where each department or team focuses only on their own issues and problems.

The exercise helps teams analyse their performance based on two approaches while going through a fun activity. You can use the comparison and lead them with a discussion on the benefits of Agile practices and how it can help them in practice.

In Traditional methods, specific work is assigned to specific workers with a single role and speciality. In Agile methods, the whole team must take care of the whole work. The hallmarks are communication among team members and iteration in respect with quality control and process improvement as the team moves forward with completing the project.

Consider debriefing the delegates on both Traditional and Agile methods before going through this exercise.

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Board Games for Team Building and Icebreakers

Board Games for Team Building and Icebreakers
Exercises, Icebreakers, Team Building, Decision Making, Planning, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 96 Ratings :::: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The purpose of icebreakers is to bring people together, familiarise them with each other, put them into the zone and basically break the ice as the name suggests. The purpose of team building activities is to bring the teams together, get them to go through a shared experience, solve problems, make decisions, manage limited resources and usually work against time. To address both, you can take advantage of great educational and entertaining tools in the form of board games.

You can use board games for many training purposes. Some games last long which help to bring a team together and some can be quite short which could be ideal to break the ice. There are cooperative games, competitive games, or even games that don’t have a winner, but just one big loser! Some games abstract down the real world in such imaginative ways that become incredibly rewarding to experience. As such board games are great if you want to create a memorable event which is also educational as this is what many traditional team building games aim to achieve.

In this comprehensive article, you will be introduced to several hand-picked board games that you can use in a training environment to address a variety of topics.

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Creativity Exercise: Make a Monster

Creativity Exercise: Make a Monster
Games, Exercises, Team Building, Creativity, Exercises for Kids, Resource Management, Art, Design

Article Rating:::: 319 Ratings :::: Monday, November 23, 2015

This is a template for a creativity exercise centred on making monsters. It can be used for kids and adults depending on how you bias it and setup the exercise.

You can consider assigning the task to groups for an exercise on teamwork, teambuilding and management or run it individually for focus on creativity.

Ideally, you should run this exercise as a competition between participants to keep it fun and focused.

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Team Building Exercise: Aim for the Flag

Team Building Exercise: Aim for the Flag
Leadership, Exercises, Team Building, Problem Solving, Resource Management, Outdoors

Article Rating:::: 118 Ratings :::: Monday, April 28, 2014

This is an entertaining and educational exercise for building teams and getting people to work together towards a common objective. You can explore a whole lot of topics on teamwork, leadership, communication skills and problem solving. Unlike many team building games that are competitive, this exercise is cooperative despite having two different teams assigned with different tasks. As a result, the setup allows people to have a good time while also learning how to work with each other towards a common objective. The exercise can be run just in theory as well, but it is best if it is actually implemented. For that, you would need to access an open area such as a park with a specific layout so it does not require planning and preparation on your side.

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Team Building Exercise: Don’t Spill the Water

Team Building Exercise: Don’t Spill the Water
Leadership, Games, Exercises, Team Building, Exercises for Kids, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 156 Ratings :::: Monday, October 7, 2013

This is an exercise similar to the popular team building exercise on handling toxic waste. The major difference here is that participants need to handle a glass of water and don’t spill it while carrying it from one location to another.

The exercise is ideal for teamwork, leadership and resource management. The competitive atmosphere leads to rapid decision making, activity coordination, and novel ways to compromise and get the task done.

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Teambuilding Exercise: Handle Toxic Waste

Teambuilding Exercise: Handle Toxic Waste
Exercises, Team Building, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Resource Management, Outdoors

Article Rating:::: 129 Ratings :::: Monday, April 15, 2013

In this team building exercise, the group must work together to handle toxic waste symbolised by an object. Many areas can be explored in this exercise including leadership, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills and attention to detail. You can easily adjust the difficulty level of this exercise by varying the type of equipment used or changing a number of parameters as described in the Variations section below.

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Crisis Management: How to Have a Plan Before it is Too Late

Crisis Management: How to Have a Plan Before it is Too Late
Leadership, Games, Exercises, Problem Solving, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 61 Ratings :::: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This is a useful exercise that helps delegates to quickly come up with a plan to respond to a crisis. In today’s dynamic world, crisis management is crucial. Risk prediction and risk management is vital for companies. This exercise turns crisis management into a game, providing a fun and educational environment to learn about this important management activity.

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Problem Solving Exercise: If Time Was Not an Issue

Problem Solving Exercise: If Time Was Not an Issue
Exercises, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Brainstorming, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 61 Ratings :::: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When solving problems, it is sometimes easy to dismiss new ideas straight away by worrying about lack of resources or lack of time. A new idea is usually very fragile and cannot stand much scrutiny. Thinking of limitations can seriously stop you from coming up with novel ideas as you may kill them off before they have a chance to prosper.

To avoid this, a useful technique is to artificially eliminate these resource limitations and instead freely think about the long-term benefits of a given idea.

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Change Management: From Past to Present

Change Management: From Past to Present
Leadership, Exercises, Goal Setting, Planning, Change Management, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 88 Ratings :::: Monday, June 11, 2012

This exercise helps the delegates to examine our changing world and provides an opportunity to discuss what it means for future. You can use this as part of a change management course or to run it for staff who are subjected to a change management programme.

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Why Are We Afraid of Delegating and What Can We Do About it

Why Are We Afraid of Delegating and What Can We Do About it
Training Articles, Productivity, Planning, Delegation Skills, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 108 Ratings :::: Monday, August 29, 2011

People are afraid of delegation. It is epidemic! Ask your colleagues how good they are in delegation and you are bound to hear something similar to these:

  • “I am terrible at it”
  • “I like to be better”
  • “I wish I could do more”
  • “I never feel comfortable when I delegate to someone”
  • “I don’t have anyone to delegate to”
  • “They can never do a good job”

If this sounds familiar, then read on as this article explores our fears of delegation and suggests a few simple productivity techniques that can improve your delegation skills.

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