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Exercise: This is How You Should Make It

Exercise: This is How You Should Make It
Exercises, Team Building, Exercises for Kids, Problem Solving, Giving Feedback, Questioning Skills

Article Rating:::: 66 Ratings :::: Saturday, January 24, 2009

In this creative exercise, participants get to understand the value of confirmations and feedback in communication. Sometimes instructors fail to observe, receive feedbacks and correct the procedure done by a different person under their instruction. This is also a good exercise in practicing questioning techniques, in particular open versus close questions. Of course, you can explore other questioning techniques with variations of this exercise.

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Communication Exercise: Chinese Whisper

Communication Exercise: Chinese Whisper
Exercises, Communication Skills, Customer Services, Giving Feedback, Questioning Skills, Listening Skills

Article Rating:::: 258 Ratings :::: Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This exercise highlights the importance of confirming the information we receive from either our colleagues or clients. This activity is designed for groups of at least 8 delegates or more.

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Open versus Closed Questions Exercise

Open versus Closed Questions Exercise
Exercises, Communication Skills, Customer Services, Personal Impact, Giving Feedback, Questioning Skills

Article Rating:::: 1640 Ratings :::: Friday, October 31, 2008

Asking the right type of questions to get the right kind of answers is a critical skill everyone must master. This is not always easy since you need to balance between wanting to get more specific details or getting any information you can. This powerful and entertaining exercise helps the delegates to understand the distinction between open and closed questions and practice their questioning skills.

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