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Icebreaker: Art Class Warm Up

Icebreaker: Art Class Warm Up
Exercises, Icebreakers, Large Group, Art, Illustration

Article Rating:::: 55 Ratings :::: Monday, May 28, 2012

This icebreaker is ideal for art classes on various topics such as illustration, drawing and painting. Suppose you want your new delegates to get to know each other better while at the same time gauge how good they are at illustration. You can reach both goals with this easy activity.

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Time Management Exercise: Monitor Your Perfectionism

Time Management Exercise: Monitor Your Perfectionism
Exercises, Productivity, Large Group, Goal Setting, Attention and Focus

Article Rating:::: 74 Ratings :::: Monday, February 20, 2012

This is a quick exercise that helps illustrate that we don’t need to be perfect all the time. Aiming for perfection can cost a lot of time and is often counter-productive. Research shows that majority of people who suffer from bad time management are perfectionist and their tendencies to produce everything at an unrealistically high-level of quality lead them to have a substandard quality of life and overall performance.

This exercise can help people understand that sometimes aiming for just a bit lower quality will still get them as far but can help them save a significant amount of time.

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The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect
Exercises, Body Language, Large Group, Acting, Attention and Focus

Article Rating:::: 90 Ratings :::: Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes a little action can lead to a lot of change as the actions are amplified. This exercise helps delegates see this effect in a symbolic exercise on gestures on what is famously known as the “butterfly effect”. It is ideal for courses on team building, communication skills, change management, body language and leadership skills. It also demonstrates the power of non-verbal signals and how we can be strongly sensitive to certain gestures. 

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Attention and Focus Exercise: Touch 9 Cones

Attention and Focus Exercise: Touch 9 Cones
Games, Exercises, Exercises for Kids, Large Group, Attention and Focus, Outdoors

Article Rating:::: 97 Ratings :::: Monday, November 14, 2011

This is a physical exercise ideal for physical training as well as concentration and focus. This exercise touches on many areas with the aim to make an individual more agile and precise while under pressure. In particular, participant will cover the following:

  • Think strategically to plan ahead and determine your moves
  • Execute moves perfectly based on a strategy
  • Move quickly with maximum speed and minimum error
  • Concentrate without making mistakes
  • Compete with others both physically and mentally

You can run this exercise as a competitive game and offer a prize to the winner.

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Memory Exercise: Andy Says…

Memory Exercise: Andy Says…
Games, Exercises, Exercises for Kids, Large Group, Attention and Focus, Memory

Article Rating:::: 75 Ratings :::: Monday, October 31, 2011

This exercise helps delegates to memorise physical moves and also improve reaction times when a command is heard. The basic concept is very simple and can be easily applied to a variety of exercises, especially sport exercises. This activity is ideal for memorising specific moves or allowing participants to focus and concentrate.

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Clock Buddies: Find Your Number 7 Partner

Clock Buddies: Find Your Number 7 Partner
Exercises, Train the Trainer, Motivation, Large Group

Article Rating:::: 327 Ratings :::: Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Suppose you want to pair up your delegates. The usual way is that you just give a simple instruction such as “partner with the person on your left”. What if in another exercise you want to pair them up again but this time with a different partner? You probably need to give a different instruction and devise a new pattern. If you have many exercises to go through, perhaps in a multi-day course, it can quickly become confusing to come up with new patterns. The usual instruction at this point becomes “find a partner you have not worked with so far” with the inevitable inefficiency as people would spend some time figure out who to go to.

It makes sense to have an easy system to find new partners for different exercises. The method presented here will facilitate this process.

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Change Management: Concentrate on Change to Survive

Change Management: Concentrate on Change to Survive
Exercises, Team Building, Large Group, Memory, Change Management, Outdoors

Article Rating:::: 56 Ratings :::: Monday, August 1, 2011

This exercise helps delegates to understand the importance of focusing and concentration when they are in a fast changing environment.

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Feedback Exercise: Analyse People’s Lives

Feedback Exercise: Analyse People’s Lives
Team Building, Communication Skills, Large Group, Giving Feedback, Appraisal

Article Rating:::: 48 Ratings :::: Monday, May 30, 2011

This exercise helps delegates to better understand each other and also gives them an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback. It is a rather simple exercise though can be quite revealing as people get to understand what others think of them. The exercise works best when a lot of people are involved (for better anonymity) and who know each other well (for better feedback).

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Team Building Exercise: Make a Shape

Team Building Exercise: Make a Shape
Exercises, Team Building, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Large Group, Outdoors

Article Rating:::: 81 Ratings :::: Monday, April 18, 2011

This is a physical team buiding exercise that encourages self-organisation within a team when confronted with a challenge. You can test the group to see how quickly they can come up with a self-assigned leader who would then go on to coordinate the group’s activity to increase their efficiency.

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Memory Exercise: Lists versus Images

Memory Exercise: Lists versus Images
Exercises, Large Group, Attention and Focus, Memory, Learning

Article Rating:::: 53 Ratings :::: Monday, April 4, 2011

We all deal with lists almost on a daily basis. However, as we all have discovered, lists can be difficult to memorise and remember. Research shows that we have significant problems remembering a list as the list becomes longer and longer. The problem is mainly to do with the linearity of the list and its inherent lack of detail. When memorising a list we mainly use our left-side brain to make logical connections and improve our chances of recall.

In addition to our left-side brain, we can also employ our right-side brain to significantly increase our ability to memorise and recall successfully. This exercise demonstrates the significance of right-side brain abilities and how to employ it.

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