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Personal Impact Exercise: Make a Perfect Pitch

Personal Impact Exercise: Make a Perfect Pitch
Public Speaking, Exercises, Report Writing, Personal Impact, Sales Skills

Article Rating:::: 71 Ratings :::: Monday, November 15, 2010

In our competitive world, we need to present ourselves as best as we can to stand out from the crowd. Suppose someone asks you what you do? What would you say? Suppose you have about 30 seconds to say something or to present a pitch? What would your pitch contain? Which areas would you pay attention to most? How long should be your pitch in number of words used?

This exercise is designed to helps delegates to come up with a pitch and refine it several times to make it near perfect.

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Concentration Exercise: Focused Article Reading

Concentration Exercise: Focused Article Reading
Exercises, Productivity, Report Writing, Attention and Focus, Creative Writing

Article Rating:::: 86 Ratings :::: Monday, September 27, 2010

These days we read a lot. As the content consumption has gone up, our attention span seems to be going down. We might pay less attention to what we read, get less of it in and forget it quickly. In other words, in comes from one side, out goes the other side.

Naturally, this is a waste of our valuable time. If you are reading something, you might as well absorb everything it has. Perhaps you want to explain it to others later, so it pays to know the details but also be able to deliver it quickly depending on how much you have. This exercise helps delegates to increase their concentration while reading articles, reports or any written content.

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Writing Skills

Writing Skills
Exercises, Report Writing, Sales Skills, Marketing, Creative Writing

Article Rating:::: 70 Ratings :::: Monday, September 21, 2009

This series of exercises help the delegates to practice writing by observing and improving a variety of different sources. The list is intended as a starting point so you can get ideas about potential exercises. You can extend this list by thinking of many other ideas.

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Don't Say the Forbidden Words

Don't Say the Forbidden Words
Exercises, Team Building, Communication Skills, Report Writing, Attention and Focus, Marketing, Creative Writing

Article Rating:::: 93 Ratings :::: Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is an exercise in describing objects so that delegates can improve their communication skills. It’s all too easy to use jargon and assume that everyone knows what you mean. However, you may need to downgrade and describe a product, a feature or a concept in simpler terms. This entertaining and competitive exercise helps the delegates to train their vocabulary skills and learn how to communicate effectively.

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