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Creativity Exercise: What is This For?

Creativity Exercise: What is This For?
Exercises, Quiz, Team Building, Creativity, Problem Solving, Art

Article Rating:::: 58 Ratings :::: Monday, February 24, 2014

This creativity exercise is great in getting people to think how an uncommon designed object is used. The exercise can be used in two ways:

  • Option 1. Delegates aim to find the primary function of an unusual object. This is much like problem solving. The more unusual the object the better.
  • Option 2. Delegates aim to find alternative applications of an object other that those intended by its designer.

You can choose one of the above options based on what you need to train delegates on.

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Icebreaker: You Can Only Ask One Question

Icebreaker: You Can Only Ask One Question
Exercises, Icebreakers, Problem Solving, Attention and Focus

Article Rating:::: 3448 Ratings :::: Monday, February 17, 2014

This exercise can be used as an icebreaker but can also to see how delegates approach problem solving. The problems considered can also be customised to make the exercise even more useful when an ideal answer is found. As a result, it is a power template to use when you need to make people focus and make important decisions.

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Creativity Exercise: Alternative Applications

Creativity Exercise: Alternative Applications
Exercises, Team Building, Creativity, Problem Solving, Design

Article Rating:::: 49 Ratings :::: Monday, February 10, 2014

You can use this generic creativity exercise to get people think of unusual solutions to problems. The idea of the exercise is to force delegates to think about alternatives and then compare their ideas with other people. You can run the exercise with no particular recommendation or methodology. However, if you are going through this exercise as part of courses on creativity skills or problem solving, then you can ask the delegates to consider a specific method to come up with alternative solutions using your nominated method such as random stimuli, NAF, SCAMPER, pictorial or other methods.

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Creativity Exercise: Structured Randomisation to Boost Creative Imagination

Creativity Exercise: Structured Randomisation to Boost Creative Imagination
Exercises, Creativity, Problem Solving, Brainstorming, Art, Design

Article Rating:::: 52 Ratings :::: Monday, November 18, 2013

This exercise helps to stimulate creativity by bringing a variety of random object into consciousness. You can use this exercise during an incubation time between two sessions on problem solving. The exercise helps to make people think of unusual stuff and become conscious of a whole lot of random associations. When they return to the main problem, they end up having more ideas and can connect the new associations with the problem they were considering. This can lead them to potential novel solutions.

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Brainstorming Exercise: Design Shoes

Brainstorming Exercise: Design Shoes
Leadership, Exercises, Problem Solving, Brainstorming, Design

Article Rating:::: 137 Ratings :::: Monday, November 11, 2013

This is an entertaining and educational exercise. It helps to unleash people’s creativity, bring them together and get them to cooperate on a common task and solve problems.

In this exercise, the main aim is to get teams design shoes. You will provide a set of criteria as well as research materials and teams should then work on a creative solution. The designs are compared and a winning team is rewarded.

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Use Random Stimuli to Boost Creativity

Use Random Stimuli to Boost Creativity
Exercises, Team Building, Creativity, Problem Solving, Art

Article Rating:::: 284 Ratings :::: Monday, September 23, 2013

A great way to increase creativity is to use random stimuli. Random thoughts can lead to new associations which in turn can help the group to explore new parts of a search space not considered before.

This exercise helps delegates to use readily available modern technology for inspiration from random content and to improve their creative brainstorming.

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Decision Making: The NAF Technique

Decision Making: The NAF Technique
Exercises, Team Building, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Brainstorming

Article Rating:::: 64 Ratings :::: Monday, June 24, 2013

A particularly useful technique in brainstorming and decision making is the NAF technique. The acronym stands for New, Appeal and Feasibility. It is basically a simple way to score ideas to see if they are worth pursuing or implementing. It also helps you to see what you can do to increase the probability of success when developing or implementing an idea.

The NAF technique is not necessarily a mathematical decision making technique. It is designed to measure gut feelings about particular ideas and hence it very much relies on participant’s instincts and judgement. Since the technique relies on emotions it is a great complementary method that can be used in conjunction with logical and quantitative decision making techniques. This helps to give an overall idea on the probability of success for any given creative thought.

In short, the NAF technique allows the team to measure its enthusiasm for following up with a given idea or its implementation.

This exercise is ideal for members of a team that need to brainstorm on a specific problem. However, you can easily run the exercise for delegates that come from different organisations so long as you can get them to work on a common problem for the purpose of this exercise.

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Teambuilding Exercise: Handle Toxic Waste

Teambuilding Exercise: Handle Toxic Waste
Exercises, Team Building, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Resource Management, Outdoors

Article Rating:::: 108 Ratings :::: Monday, April 15, 2013

In this team building exercise, the group must work together to handle toxic waste symbolised by an object. Many areas can be explored in this exercise including leadership, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills and attention to detail. You can easily adjust the difficulty level of this exercise by varying the type of equipment used or changing a number of parameters as described in the Variations section below.

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Pictorial Problem Solving

Pictorial Problem Solving
Exercises, Creativity, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Brainstorming

Article Rating:::: 63 Ratings :::: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Words can sometimes limit creativity. Humans are generally very visual and have evolved to sense the world primarily thorough focused looking and observation. As a result, a large part of the brain is dedicated to visual processing.

To analyse problems we can tap into this huge potential processing power by visualising problems. There have been many studies in this area which has led to exceptionally useful tools such as mind maps which are great for creative thinking.

This exercise helps delegates to express a problem using images. It is much more free flow than mind maps as it is not restricted to any particular method. This allows people to think more visually about a problem and break through the limitations imposed by thinking primarily in words.

Pictorial problem solving is also ideal for brainstorming as it makes it easier to communicate ideas.

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Creativity Exercise: How Would a Celebrity Handle This

Creativity Exercise: How Would a Celebrity Handle This
Exercises, Creativity, Problem Solving, Acting, Brainstorming

Article Rating:::: 41 Ratings :::: Monday, April 8, 2013

When confronted with a problem, sometimes it is useful to approach it from the point of view of someone else. A useful technique is to look at the problem from the point of view of a resourceful celebrity. Charismatic persona, wealth and fame can help to solve problems in novel ways that may otherwise not be considered.

This exercise serves two purposes. It helps delegates to avoid thinking about resource limitation and instead focus on problem solving. It also helps following the mentality of a role model and encourages people to think from the point of view of someone they admire.

You can run this exercise in a number of ways depending on what you want to achieve. See variations for details.

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