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Why Are We Afraid of Delegating and What Can We Do About it

Why Are We Afraid of Delegating and What Can We Do About it
Training Articles, Productivity, Planning, Delegation Skills, Resource Management

Article Rating:::: 108 Ratings :::: Monday, August 29, 2011

People are afraid of delegation. It is epidemic! Ask your colleagues how good they are in delegation and you are bound to hear something similar to these:

  • “I am terrible at it”
  • “I like to be better”
  • “I wish I could do more”
  • “I never feel comfortable when I delegate to someone”
  • “I don’t have anyone to delegate to”
  • “They can never do a good job”

If this sounds familiar, then read on as this article explores our fears of delegation and suggests a few simple productivity techniques that can improve your delegation skills.

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Problem Solving Exercise: Solve Problems Under Pressure and Stress

Problem Solving Exercise: Solve Problems Under Pressure and Stress
Exercises, Team Building, Productivity, Stress Management, Attention and Focus, Change Management

Article Rating:::: 92 Ratings :::: Monday, June 6, 2011

This exercise helps delegates to understand the importance of several key principles, such as “Parkinson’s Law” as well as managing their performance in the face of change or increasingly challenging environments. It is also useful for teamwork, decision making, leadership and creativity. You can use this exercise to teach “Parkinson’s Law” in a time management course.

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Concentration Exercise: Focused Article Reading

Concentration Exercise: Focused Article Reading
Exercises, Productivity, Report Writing, Attention and Focus, Creative Writing

Article Rating:::: 86 Ratings :::: Monday, September 27, 2010

These days we read a lot. As the content consumption has gone up, our attention span seems to be going down. We might pay less attention to what we read, get less of it in and forget it quickly. In other words, in comes from one side, out goes the other side.

Naturally, this is a waste of our valuable time. If you are reading something, you might as well absorb everything it has. Perhaps you want to explain it to others later, so it pays to know the details but also be able to deliver it quickly depending on how much you have. This exercise helps delegates to increase their concentration while reading articles, reports or any written content.

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Concentration Exercise: Focus on a Single Thought

Concentration Exercise: Focus on a Single Thought
Exercises, Productivity, Stress Management, Attention and Focus, Creative Writing

Article Rating:::: 166 Ratings :::: Monday, August 2, 2010

The digital age has made it possible to multi-task. Multi-tasking increases productivity because you can do more in a given time. But can you? With certain activities, such as driving while listening to an audio book, this is highly productive. With some activities, you may easily end up producing sub-standard quality or finish none at all.

Like everything, if used excessively, it can actually reduce productivity. People who multi-task too much may start to suffer from lack of concentration. For example, you may sit behind a computer and decide to write a report. However, lots of unrelated ideas about you latest emails, browsing, conversations or daily activities can pop up in your mind that constantly slow you down.

It pays to practice concentration, so that when necessary you can focus as if nothing else matters and give a task your 100% effort.

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Team Priorities

Team Priorities
Exercises, Productivity, Goal Setting, Planning

Article Rating:::: 72 Ratings :::: Monday, December 7, 2009

By looking closer at their main tasks and goals as a team, this exercise enables delegates to examine and prioritise their team’s efficiency and direction towards its objectives. This activity is most suitable for smaller groups of people who usually work as part of a team.

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Handling Unfortunate Events

Handling Unfortunate Events
Exercises, Productivity, Motivation, Stress Management

Article Rating:::: 100 Ratings :::: Monday, October 26, 2009

This is a fun activity which encourages delegates to be more optimistic and find positive points about some situations often perceived negatively. This exercise works best as an energiser and generates some laughs.

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Peak Performance: Minimise Stress for Everyone

Peak Performance: Minimise Stress for Everyone
Training Articles, Productivity, Motivation, Stress Management, Appraisal

Article Rating:::: 201 Ratings :::: Monday, July 13, 2009

Deadlines are a fact of modern life and professionals in just about any role need to be able to efficiently deal with them. However, people deal with deadlines in different ways based on their personality. Deadlines can be stressful and the way people deal with this stress usually comes to define their success and subsequently the success of the team, especially when things go wrong. This article shows why everyone, team members or managers, must be aware of these differences and make decisions based on this knowledge.

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How to Deal with Procrastination

How to Deal with Procrastination
Training Articles, Productivity, Motivation, Planning

Article Rating:::: 145 Ratings :::: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Procrastination is what we do when avoiding doing important things. We defer our decision or action to a different time. Procrastination is a mechanism for coping with anxiety associated with starting or completing an action. Procrastination also means that we overestimate difficulties associated with doing something or making a decision. As a result, we postpone our tasks hoping that at some point in the future we will find a better environment to deal with those difficulties. This error of judgement often proves costly as procrastination becomes a habit and this causes regret for the decision maker. Fear of failure, perfectionism, weak prioritisation, inability to make important decisions or emotional mood swings are other factors preventing individuals from doing what they should be doing at a suitable time.

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Time Management: Practical Tips

Time Management: Practical Tips
Training Articles, Productivity, Motivation, Goal Setting

Article Rating:::: 122 Ratings :::: Monday, October 6, 2008

Time management in effect refers to management of what we do about what is important to us. It is about achieving our goals in less time and with less effort. Time management skills are essential for increased productivity and success in both personal and professional life.

This articles explores a number of techniques you can use to quickly imporve your productivity, almost immidiately after you have finished reading the article!

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