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Motivation Exercise: My Heroes

Motivation Exercise: My Heroes
Exercises, Coaching, Motivation, Goal Setting, Personal Impact

Article Rating:::: 85 Ratings :::: Monday, August 16, 2010

Research shows that people with specific and defined goals are more likely to succeed in life than those without. One of the great ways to find these goals is to get inspired by your favourite heroes and personalities in history. This exercise systematically helps delegates to formulate their goals using this approach.

This exercise has several parts though you don’t have to go through all of them. Pick and choose based on your objective, your time and your delegates.

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Exercises, Coaching, Motivation, Goal Setting, Appraisal

Article Rating:::: 179 Ratings :::: Monday, August 31, 2009

This is a great exercise to get the delegates to pay attention to where they are in life and perhaps where they want to go. It is a good eye opener, so it is ideal when you want to talk about motivation or want to energise team members. It is also ideal for use in coaching sessions.

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Team Evaluation Self-Test

Team Evaluation Self-Test
Exercises, Team Building, Coaching, Motivation, Goal Setting

Article Rating:::: 64 Ratings :::: Friday, April 17, 2009

This is an ideal exercise which enables participants to find out more about themselves. It is highly effective in bringing up lots of hidden issues that could be present in the team and causes conflicts. This self-probation can be used for coaching where team members can clearly see various points of view and based on those take steps to move the team forward towards its ideal state. This is effectively a self-coaching exercise where only the team members’ views are used to evaluate the group. This activity is as opposed to using 360 degree questionnaires or other elaborate formal feedback mechanisms used in some organisations. Indeed, since team members know more about their own team more than anyone else, their self-analysis will be more useful and accurate than many other methods.

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Is it Better to Go for Knowledge or for Money?

Is it Better to Go for Knowledge or for Money?
Exercises, Coaching, Motivation, Goal Setting

Article Rating:::: 44 Ratings :::: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In certain countries, writing an essay on “Money or Knowledge” is a classic school activity. Sometimes the essay writing activity is so classic, it is dismissed as routine and is not paid as much attention as it deserves. Worst still, the question is ignored for later stages of life where the question actually becomes far more applicable.

This training exercise helps professionals to explore this subject once again, “Is it better to go for knowledge or for money?” Like all grand questions, the answer is far from trivial and you can have endless debates about the merits and pitfall of each direction. Nevertheless, the direction taken comes to define your individuality and will also explain a lot about your economic prosperity, your social and academic skills as well as your general knowledge about the world.

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Coaching Exercise: To Tell or Not to Tell

Coaching Exercise: To Tell or Not to Tell
Exercises, Communication Skills, Coaching, Body Language, Giving Feedback

Article Rating:::: 172 Ratings :::: Monday, February 9, 2009

This is an energizing exercise designed to show the difference between direct instructions and feedback. In other words, it shows that shaping seems to be a lot more effective than telling.This is an ideal exercise for coaching  as it clearly demonstrates the effect of indirect feedback.

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Communication Skills Exercise: Coaching

Communication Skills Exercise: Coaching
Exercises, Team Building, Communication Skills, Coaching, Giving Feedback

Article Rating:::: 71 Ratings :::: Saturday, September 13, 2008

The aim of this exercise is to increase individual’s confidence in their own capabilities and talents. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with others in a constructive and structured way.

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