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Illustration Exercise: Circular Life Drawing

Illustration Exercise: Circular Life Drawing


This standard exercise is ideal to get a group of delegates practice drawing from life without using a specific model.


Draw the person next to you.

What You Need

  • A chair for each person.
  • An empty area to place the chairs. If you have many delegates, form a number of circles of chairs with 6 chairs each.
  • Align the chairs in a way that each one points to the next.
  • Drawing pad and drawing pencils or pens.


  • Ask the delegates to sit on the chairs provided.
  • Ask each person to draw the person on their left.
  • Allocate 10 minutes for this part.
  • Now, ask the delegates to place their drawings on a table so everyone can see. Encourage them to comment on each other’s drawings and consider copying a style that they like.
  • Ask them to get back to a different seat.
  • Repeat the exercise again for another 10 minutes and get them to draw the person on their left. Encourage them to use a new technique based on the drawings of others.
  • In the end, bring back everyone to the table and as before get them to review the drawings and finish with a quick discussion.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes (including setup of chairs)

Activity: 10 * 2 = 20 minutes

Group Feedback: 2 minutes


How easy was the drawing task? Were you inspired by the drawings of others? Did you try a new style or technique? How did it go?