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Sales Exercise: Sales Pitch With FAB

Sales Exercise: Sales Pitch With FAB


In this exercise, delegates practice delivering a quick sales pitch. The structure of the pitch is based on the FAB methodology; Features, Advantages and Benefits. Most people miss the advantage and instead focus too much on features. This exercise helps them to understand the significance of benefits and advantages over features.


Provide a 30 seconds pitch using the Fab method for a given product.

What You Need

  • You have two main options:
    • A series of cards with names of objects written on them. You can laminate and cut these so you can use them repeatedly in the future.
    • A series of objects.
  • The objects (whether represented by cards or not) can be everyday items. For example:
    • Stapler
    • Mobile Phone
    • Pen
    • Watch
    • Fancy Photo Frame
    • Can opener
    • Flask
    • Camera tripod
  • You can also mix these two methods by making cards for those objects that are difficult to bring to the training course but could still be interesting to consider for this exercise.


  • Put the stack of cards or the objects at the centre of a table and get everyone to sit around it.
  • Explain that each person must pick an object and provide a 30-seconds sales pitch. The sales pitch must be based on the FAB method. For example, suppose the object is a mobile phone case:
    • Features: It has “ShockFoam” padding all around.
    • Benefits: If it is dropped from 1.5 m on a hard surface from any angle, the phone will survive.
    • Advantages: Statistically, most phones get damaged because of being dropping. Having a case with “ShockFoam” eliminates the need to insure the phone for accidental damage saving you a lot of money.
  • Ask for a volunteer to start the sales pitches.
  • After each pitch, ask delegates to provide feedback.
  • Continue until everyone has provided a pitch.
  • Optionally, if you have time you can go through second round of sales pitches. Ideally it would nice if everyone goes through new objects, so make sure you have enough objects before going for a second round.
  • Follow with a discussion.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes

Activity: 15 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes


Which part of the Fab method was critical in making a sales pitch convincing? (Expect “advantages”). What happens if you just describe a product only based on its features? What happens if you present a product with what it doesn’t do rather than what it does? Where can you use the FAB method other than in a direct sales pitch? (Expect “selling ideas to other”)


You can bias the exercise by carefully choosing the items. For example, you can choose items that are related to the background of your delegates. If delegates are from the same company, you can choose the set from the products and services of their company.