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Self-Analysis: Make Your Gratitude List Longer

Self-Analysis: Make Your Gratitude List Longer


This exercise helps delegates to become more aware of what they have and therefor appreciate where they are and how they are living. In our quest to become better and grow, we sometimes forget what we have or what we have achieved that we didn’t have before. Thinking of them periodically helps us to monitor our progress, become more confidence, happy and energetic. This is not a group exercise. Delegates can do this on their own.


Periodically review your list of things you are grateful about and add to it continuously.

What You Need

  • A paper or a notebook that you can use to record a list of things you are grateful about.


  • Make a list of items that you are grateful about. Aim to include as many items as your age. For example if you are 38 years old, create a list with 38 items.
  • From now on, annually review the list and add one item to this list.
  • It is up to you when to do it in the year:
    • On your birthday
    • On the first day of the year
    • On the beginning of spring
    • On the day of a significant day of your life
  • The idea is that every year you will have something more to be grateful of and you will add this to your list. The longer you live, the more you should be grateful about.


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