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Acting Exercise: Moving and Following

Acting Exercise: Moving and Following


This is a quick acting exercise which is usually used to get delegates familiarise themselves with space and movement. It encourages people in looking carefully and being constantly aware of their body orientation, posture and the environment they are in. You can also use it as a fun energizer.



Follow specific instructions to move around a space in relation with other people.

What You Need

  • An area where all delegates can fit and move freely.


  • Explain that there are a number of stages.
  • Ask everyone to stand in the environment, randomly spread out.
  • Run each stage for one minute or until a condition is met as described in the instructions below.

Stage 1:

  • “On my mark, start moving around in the environment while maintaining eye contact with one other person and without bumping to anyone else.”

Stage 2:

  • “Move around the environment while keeping a fixed distance from one other person.”

Stage 3:

  • “Mark two people and assume you are in a triangle with them. Move around while maintaining the shape and size of your triangle.”
  • Continue until you reach equilibrium.


Explaining the Exercise: 2 minutes

Activity: 5 minutes

Group Feedback: 0 minutes