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Electric Pulse Game

Electric Pulse Game


This is an energetic exercise that works best with large groups of people. It is ideally used to make people feel more comfortable with each other by getting them to participate in an activity and share an experience. It is quite easy to setup and does not take long to carry out.


Pass the signal from one person to the next much like a pulse to achieve a specific objective.

What You Need

  • A tennis ball
  • A tennis racquet
  • Two cards. Write “Go” on one and “No Go” on the other.
  • Attach each card to one side of the tennis racquet.


  • Divide the delegates to two teams.
  • Ask the teams to form a line and stand in front of each other in two separate lines.
  • Place the tennis ball on one end of the two lines. Place the ball on a table or chair for easier access.
  • The tutor can act as the Initiator, or you can nominate a person to be the initiator when you have an odd number of people.
  • Explain that everyone must close their eyes during this exercise and no talking is allowed.
  • Ask the teams to hold each others’ hands while forming the line.
  • Only one person from each team can have their eyes open. They are the closest members to the Initiator.
  • The Initiator should spin the tennis racquet and show “Go” or “No Go” to the two team member who can see the Initiator. As soon as they see a “Go”, they should squeeze the hand of the person next to them and repeat until the signal is passed from one side to the other. The last person should pick up the ball as soon the signal is received. The team that picks up the ball, scores a point.
  • If there is a “No Go”, no signal should be sent. If a team picks up the ball when “No Go” was shown, the other team scores a point.
  • Continue the rounds periodically until a team scores a total of 10 points.
  • Declare the team as the winner and end the activity.


Explaining the Exercise: 5 minutes.

Activity: 10 minutes

Group Feedback: 0 minutes.