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Team Building Exercise: 3 Facts

Team Building Exercise: 3 Facts


This activity encourages delegates to pay more attention to little details provided by their team mates. The idea is that knowing these facts about your colleagues can help you to understand them better and have a better relationship with them. This exercise works best with a group of people who work together on a regular basis.


Delegates to memorise and recall some facts about other team members.

What You Need

  • An index card for each delegate
  • A sheet of A4 paper for each participant
  • Pens for participants
  • A prize for the winner, for example a box of chocolate


  • Distribute the index cards to all delegates.
  • Ask delegates to write their names on their index card and write 3 facts about their life on the other side of the index card. Examples of these facts include:
    • My middle name is John.
    • I drive a classic car.
    • My most favourite sport is tennis.
  • Ask delegates to sit in a circle.
  • Once all participants have finished writing their facts on their index cards, ask them to read what they have written to the rest of the group.
  • When every delegate has finished reading their facts, ask them to write down as much as they can remember about each person on their A4 paper. Delegates have 3 minutes for this part of the exercise.
  • Ask delegates to check the correctness of their recording by checking others’ index cards and award themselves 1 point for each fact they have got right.
  • The person with the most number of correct facts, wins the prize.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 10 minutes

Group Feedback: 5 minutes.


Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you find out something new about your colleague today? Did your findings help you understand your team mates better?