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Memory Exercise: Recap Game

Memory Exercise: Recap Game


This is a fun and noisy exercise that is ideal for a recap situation. You have thought a subject to your delegates and now want to test their knowledge or encourage them to review it. This exercise helps you to achieve this using a light hearted competition.


Form a line in a grid by answering questions and beat the other team

What You Need

  • Flipchart of whiteboard to draw a grid on.
  • A series of questions. These should be prepared before the exercise. Examples are given below.
  • Two coloured sets of post-it notes.


  • Divide the groups to two teams.
  • Draw a grid of 4 by 4 on the whiteboard or flipchart.
  • Write a letter in each of the squares. These letters must match your questions as explained below.
  • Assign a unique post-it-note to each group.
  • Explain that the objective of the game is to form a vertical or horizontal line of 3 squares. The first team that makes a line wins.
  • At each step, ask a question related to the subject that you want to recap. For example:
    • Name an animal class name that starts with B? Bird
    • Name a bird that swims starting with P? Penguin
    • What T leads to the effect of ___ on ____?
  • For each step, expect the correct answer from the team. The team that answers correctly first wins the round. Place their post-it note on the square with the corresponding letter.
  • Teams can compete to answer questions in a way to block each other on the grid.
  • Continue until a team wins.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 15 – 30 minutes (depends on the difficulty level and the size of your grid)

Group Feedback: 5 minutes.


  • Instead of winning by making a 3 square line, teams can win when you making a 4 square line.
  • Use a grid larger than 4 by 4 to make the game last longer.
  • Groups can win using diagonal lines as well.
  • Use duplicate letters throughout the grid. When a team wins, ask them to choose which letter they want to stick their post-it note on. This allows them to follow a strategy much like the classic game of Connect 4 and compete with each other.
Recap Game Complete