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Team Building Exercise: My Team Is…

Team Building Exercise: My Team Is…


This interesting exercise often draws in a lot of laughter and therefore can be used as an energiser after a long training session. The activity encourages delegates to get creative and to use their imaginations to come up with answers.


Delegates to use images rather than words in finishing a particular sentence.

What You Need

  • A sheet of A4 paper for each participant
  • Coloured pens


  • Hand out a sheet of paper and a collection of coloured pens to each participant.
  • Ask delegates to write the following on top of their sheet of paper:
    • My Team is ______________________
  • Explain that each delegate has 1 minute to fill in the blank by drawing an image of their intended answer.
  • Encourage participants to be creative with their drawings.
  • Collect some of the more unusual or interesting sheets and stick them on the wall or flipchart. Ask the delegates responsible for these drawings to explain them to the rest of the group.


Explaining the Test: 2 minutes.

Activity: 5 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes.


Did you find any of the drawings vague? Did you want further explanation why the person felt that way? How effective was this method to get people to reveal their feelings? Was there an unintended meaning due to misinterpretation (such as cool versus cold)?