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Energiser: Learning Points

Energiser: Learning Points


This is a fun energiser which also reinforces learning objectives and concepts discussed during the course. This activity is most suitable for the mid or end of the session slot.


Delegates to come up with significant learning objectives and points discussed during the training session.

What You Need

  • A copy of Learning Points Activity Sheet for each group (See an example at the bottom of this page)
  • A pen for each group


  • Divide the group into teams of 2 or 3 people.
  • Give each team a copy of the activity sheet and a pen.
  • Explain that teams have 3 minutes to come up with 4 main learning points or concepts they have learned so far in this training course.
  • Each point has to be written in a separate part of the diagram on the activity sheet.
  • Collect all the sheets and stick them on the wall or board for everyone to see.
  • Go through some of the points and ask the teams to explain their choices.


Explaining the Test: 2 minutes.

Activity: 10 minutes



Learning Points Activity Sheet

Circle 4 parts