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Communication Exercise: Mime it out!

Communication Exercise: Mime it out!


This is a fun activity which can be used to demonstrate the importance of non-verbal communication as well as a good energiser. This exercise is most suited to bigger groups of delegates but can be used in any group size.


Participants to guess what other delegates are trying to describe through miming.


  • Ask delegates to stand or sit in a circle.
  • Explain to delegates that each has to stand in the centre of the circle and mime out an important event in their personal or professional life. For example mime the event of the birth of their first child or getting their first job.
  • Delegates have 30 seconds to act out the event.
  • Delegates cannot use any verbal or written communications in describing the event.
  • Other participants can shout out the event if they think they know.
  • Continue the exercise until everyone had a go.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 15 minutes depending on the number of delegates.

Group Feedback: 10 minutes.


How did you find this exercise? Were you surprised at how much information you received through non-verbal communication? Did this exercise change your view about the importance of non-verbal communication?