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Icebreaker: Congratulations

Icebreaker: Congratulations


This fun exercise generates quite a bit of a laugh and is most suited to group of people who are meeting for the first time. It also works for people who work with each other and are familiar with each other’s sense of humour.


Participants to congratulate each other on things that are not true.


  • Explain to participants that they have 10 minutes to congratulate other members on things that are not true or give them a fake compliment. The more exaggerated the compliment the better.
  • Examples include:
    • Congratulation on winning £5,000,000 in lotto
    • Congratulation on winning gold in heavy weight boxing last month
    • Congratulation for being invited to dinner by Obamas


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 10 minutes

Group Feedback: 10 minutes.


What did you achieve with this exercise? How does it feel to praise someone else? Did you feel comfortable? Do you think you complement others enough?