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Presentation Skills: Systematic Note Taking

Presentation Skills: Systematic Note Taking

This is another interactive pause exercise used during a lecture or talk to help the participants to quickly go over the content they have just been thought and record the key points. These kinds of exercises encourage participation in learning environments where you are forced to use a one-way instructional method such as lecturing.


Participants to fill in a form during the talk as instructed by the speaker.

What You Need

Paper or pre-printed forms as described below.


  • Distribute papers or forms to the audience before the lecture or the talk.
  • If they have received a blank paper, ask them to divide it into 4 columns and add the following drawings at the top of each representing a particular meaning:
    • Book: Representing important facts
    • Light Bulb: Representing new ideas
    • Tick: Representing actions
    • Question Mark: Representing questions
  • During your presentation, after a session or a particular topic pause and then ask the participants to write at least one remark in one of these columns.
  • Continue with your talk and periodically stop at appropriate points to ask the delegates to fill in the form accordingly.


Explaining the Test: 5 minutes.

Activity: 2 minutes for each pause.

Group Feedback: 10 minutes.


After the talk is over, you can optionally ask the participants to share their views.

This exercise helps participant to continuously recall what they have been thought and record it systematically. This encourages them to pay attention to the lecture or talk and stay focused.